Most popular wedding trends of the year 2022 in London

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The pandemic and its fear is finally over and people are now slowly moving back to their normal lives, which means celebrations and events are going to be held in full force again. There are some new wedding trends in 2022 that we must take a look at, especially if you’re planning a wedding now.

Rented wedding dresses

Every bride wants her wedding dress to be super special, out of the ordinary and memorable. However, sensible brides these days know that no one wears a wedding dress again, unless if course you upcycle it into something else. So, it’s just lying there in your closet, eating space. Which is why, many brides now prefer rented dresses. Renting out wedding dresses has become a trend in 2022, especially in London. London has some really cool wedding dress stores where you can get your dream dress for your special day; click loads of pictures and then give it back. That way, you have all the memories without the excess baggage of the dress in your wardrobe.

Bridgerton-inspired wedding dresses

The television series Bridgerton has taken over all of UK. In fact, the youth seem to be obsessed with it now. The regency period drama has inspired so many couple to theme their wedding accordingly. From royal blue upholstery to pastel décor, everything to look the exact same way as portrayed in the series, is the new obsession of to-be-married couples in London. Many designers and event managers are being approached with the request to conduct a regency-period style wedding this year and the designers are happily obliging too. In fact, you can also find Wedding Rings Hatton Garden in Bridgerton-style.


Instalment ceremonies

The pandemic ate up two precious years of the entire world. Up until 2021, no one knew when it would end and so many couples opted for small wedding ceremonies. As the fear and the virus, both started subsiding, people now became open to considering bigger ceremonies for their reception. This led to a trend of instalment ceremonies wherein the weddings took place some time ago, and the reception ceremonies are happening now, almost a year later. This trend is also known as ‘anni-ceptions’, since many receptions are being held on the occasion of the couple’s first wedding anniversary. We think its quite a cute trend and saves money too.

Eco-friendly décor and menu

With the whole world turning towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, it has now become a wedding trend too. Traditional wedding décor consists of plastic or thermocol which isn’t eco-friendly. Instead, people now prefer real flowers, wooden and natural fabric décor as they try to contribute a little towards conservation of the planet. To take it a step further, may weddings now have vegan menus. As a large number of people in the UK are turning vegan and protesting against animal cruelty, wedding menus are changing for the good as well. To take it up a notch, couple are now even opting for manufactured diamonds that are more ethical than naturally mined diamonds.

Destination weddings or get-away weddings

Let’s face it, everyone is bored out of their minds being locked up at home during the pandemic for two long years. Now it is time to step out and celebrate. Hence the last but not the least wedding trend on our list of top 2022 wedding trends: destination weddings. They are such a fad now. People are looking for exotic locations to get married at. Many chosen destinations aren’t very far, but simply exotic. Some common locations are Bali, Maldives, Greece and Switzerland.

In conclusion

If you’re planning to get hitched this year, then jump on to any of these trend bandwagons and stay up-to-date as you plan your ceremony.

​​​​source: [author: bolyuk studio]