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Naked Wardrobe

In its first year, Naked Wardrobe generated $1 million in revenue. Since then, the brand has grown rapidly, with its clothes available in nearly every Nordstrom in the country. Founders Tim and Lisa share the importance of basics. This article explains why the quality of a brand’s basics is so important. Read on to learn more. The most important aspects of a Naked Wardrobe are:

Fabric is the most important factor in a naked wardrobe

A Naked Wardrobe starts with fabric. The selection of material largely determines the quality of the clothing. Naked Wardrobe designers curate their collections around the choices of fabric. Choosing the right material can help re-engage repeat customers and extend the lifespan of their product. Fabric is also important for comfort and style. Naked Wardrobes emphasize fabric quality. The following are three tips to create an enviable Naked Wardrobe.

Price point is critical to brand engagement

Although the brand touts affordability, Naked Wardrobe is not as cheap as it sounds. Prices ranged from $80 to $102, with the most expensive pair of jeans selling out first. The Kardashian sisters’ Dash stores have already been testing the brand’s wholesale lines. The goal is to make its clothes affordable, but also to compete with higher-end brands. Here are the basics of pricing:

Product quality

In terms of product quality, Naked Wardrobe is a great brand for a variety of reasons. With the addition of new collections every year, the prices of their clothing range from $25 to $130. The company also cares about details, which makes a big difference when it comes to a brand. It is also very easy to find a great piece at a reasonable price with Naked Wardrobe, and their prices don’t devalue their brand.

Initially, the company developed its products on a “fast fashion” model, creating new products weekly and developing them with the idea that people would wear them only a couple of times before discarding them. Now, they have gone beyond this concept and are focusing on durable, comfortable fabrics that are made to last. The result? Customers love their clothes! Naked Wardrobe’s ad campaigns continue to get good press.

Price point

The price point of Naked Wardrobe’s clothing has a dual meaning. They tout the affordability of their brand while also offering higher-end items. This spring, their denim collection cost between $80 and $102, and they sold out of the most expensive pair first. The founders hope to expand beyond clothing to a lifestyle brand. While they do not intend to charge too much, the clothing is still remarkably high-quality, and their goal is to keep the price point as low as possible.

For this reason, they are able to offer aspirational basics. These affordable basics have high brand engagement, leading to repeat purchases. The brand has also enjoyed a high growth rate in the first year, generating $1 million in sales and 40% year-over-year revenue growth. The price point of Naked Wardrobe is just one example of how to increase customer engagement and lifetime value.

Naked Wardrobe specializes in high-quality women’s fashion. Founded by sisters Shideh and Shida Kaviani, the brand started out as an idea based on their love of fashion and has evolved into a leading women’s online destination for affordable fashion. Its philosophy revolves around the concept of female empowerment and body positivity, which is reflected in the affordable pricing of its pieces. But before Naked Wardrobe can become a full-fledged online retailer, it has to be more affordable.


If you’re looking for a new wardrobe, but want to be sure that your purchases are sustainable, consider the fashion brand Sezane. This brand has inspired shoppers to wait in line for its newest releases. Sezane is a B-Corp company that has made a number of pledges toward sustainability. Not only do they source eco-friendly materials, they also keep their operations transparent, and make sure that their employees are treated fairly and under appropriate conditions.

Naked Wardrobe has made an effort to communicate its policies on environmental impacts, but that’s easier said than done. The company doesn’t publish its policies on labour abuse or human trafficking, which is a key component of sustainable fashion. It is a consumer’s right to know how their clothing purchases affect the environment. In this regard, Naked Wardrobe has fallen behind, receiving a poor score in the Environmental Product Declaration.

Naked Wardrobe was started in 2012 by three sisters. The company sells high-quality basics online. In its first year, the company reported $1 million in revenue and over 40% growth year over year. The founders credit this growth to their focus on keeping their product quality high and up to date. They have a low return rate and 65 percent of their customers are repeat customers. The sustainability of the company’s clothes is also a factor for its rapid growth.

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