New York Yankees Scooter Pie

scooter pie

If you’ve ever been to Yankee Stadium, you know that the telecast team is not part of the MSG Network. However, the Yankees’ home field advantage extends to the newest downmarket food craze – Scooter Pie. Named after the Yankee legend Phil Rizzuto, this pie is a far cry from the iconic Mallomars that are served at Yankee Stadium. In fact, the Scooter Pie is a knockoff of Mallomars – only it tastes like a downmarket version of a Yankee legend.

Moon pie

Scooter Pies and Moon Pies are two very different desserts that are similar in taste and appearance, but they have very different names. In the South, they are called Moon Pies, and they are a favorite during Mardi Gras. Scooter Pies are made with marshmallow cream and graham crackers and are dipped in chocolate. While they are both delicious and similar in taste, the Scooter Pie has a distinct northern flavor.

As the name suggests, Moon Pies originated in the southern United States. A coal miner named Mitchell Poe Shauf first requested a snack while on a coal mine in Kentucky. The miner told him to bring him a moon pie, which he kindly accepted. After this, the baker’s wife, Elizabeth Mitchell, began making Moon Pies for her customers. Moon Pies became so popular, that the bakery started dedicating all its production lines to the creation of this delicious dessert.

The popularity of the MoonPie was a result of the honky-tonk craze. Coal miners would ask for a dessert that would be as big as a moon. Earl Mitchell enlisted a coal miner in Kentucky to come up with a new snack. The coal miner’s idea was to combine a graham cracker cookie with marshmallow filling. The baker’s team listened to the coal miner and created the MoonPie. Soon after, it was widely regarded as the nation’s “working man’s lunch.”

Marshmallow Cookies

The company that made Scooter Pies also makes single cracker marshmallow cookies. The dessert was very popular amongst students and workers and was cheap to make, especially if you made a batch at a time. In addition to making Moon Pies, Scooter Pies are also a great way to enjoy a traditional snack that evokes memories from childhood. They are a great way to share a special treat with a loved one.

Although they are similar, the two desserts differ in their ingredients and nutritional value. The Scooter Pie has a round edge and is not as thick as a moon pie. Both desserts contain marshmallow creme, salted caramel, vegetable shortening, and a flavored coating. They are typically wrapped in cellophane-like plastic wrap, but the name of the snack might differ based on the country they originate from. Little Debbie makes both types of desserts, including marshmallow creme-filled varieties.

A Scooter Pie is almost impossible to find in today’s world, but it’s possible to recreate the flavor. If you’ve never tried one, you can make your own version from Moon Pies or Little Debbies marshmallow pies. They’ll taste just as good as the original! This nostalgic snack is the ultimate childhood comfort food. For those of us who grew up in the 1960s, it’s hard to believe that the Scooter Pie is still available for sale today.

A Scooter Pie is a dessert that originated in the southern U.S., near Florida. The name was given to this dessert by a famous New York Yankee shortstop named Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, who later became a radio personality. The name is unclear, but the concept has become popular. Since then, various companies have created versions of the Scooter Pie, though they are no longer made as widely available as they once were.

A popular festival to celebrate the origin of Moon Pies is held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The festival features music, food, contests, and a parade. The festival kicks off with a 10-mile run and the cutting of the World’s Largest Moon Pie. Then, the pie is served to the crowd and eaten. A Moon Pie festival is not complete without a parade and the famous moon pie.

Originally, a dessert called a whoopie pie was created in Lewiston, Maine. It is now sold in New England and Pennsylvania. They are a type of S’more and are made with two thin layers of chocolate cake encased in a layer of sweet frosting. The Whoopie Pie can also be found in the same family as Scooter Pies and Moon Pies. The latter is similar to a S’more.

Image credits: Dan Goodsell