Nokia XR20 review: Tough as old boots

Nokia XR20 review: Tough as old boots

Nokia has given its X20 telephone a bend, placing an R for harsh in the title and giving it an outrageous makeover.

Nokia XR20 says that this is the hardest phone it’s consistently made, indeed, harder than the Nokia 3310, the Smartphone that dispatched 1,000 images. Our initial feelings of this phone were partitioned, yet as we’ve come to utilize the phone for longer, it’s really a very decent gadget.

Design and build

  • 171.64 x 81.5 x 10.64mm, 248g
  • MIL-STD 810H, IP68
  • Grippy finish

The Nokia XR20 sees first look like the Nokia X10 and X20 telephones, yet for a situation. Rather than the smooth completions of those Smartphones, Nokia has rather inherent a great deal of assurance to make this a telephone that will endure longer and endure drops.

It looks like it has a case on it, utilizing a mix of a rubberized gets done with uncovered metal sides. The outcome is a thicker gadget, however, we’re talking millimeters, so it’s not actually bulkier because of the intense therapy.

It’s quite weighty however at 248g, yet the completion of the telephone implies it’s simpler to grasp than a ton of gadgets with a smooth completion – you’re substantially less prone to drop it – and we’ve viewed this as truly compelling. Sweat-soaked hands, or in the downpour, this telephone feels much safer than most premium gadgets do, while it likewise keeps away from fingerprints and scratches, something that really gleaming gadgets are inclined to.

The bodywork expands advances a little so there’s security around the edges of the presentation and is raised around the camera on the back. These little subtleties are incredible, since, in such a case that you place your telephone screen-side down, it doesn’t really contact the surface. The equivalent applies to the camera lodging – and everything amounts to fewer scratches on the actual gadget.

Nokia XR20 Display

  • 6.67-inch, 2400 x 1080 pixels, 60Hz LCD 
  • Gorilla Glass Victus 
  • 550 nits brilliance 

The presentation on theNokia XR20 is basically as old as X10 and X20 models – a similar size, a similar goal, the equivalent revive rate, a similar everything – with the exception of the top layer. 

Utilizing Gorilla Glass Victus implies that this telephone ought to be better ready to withstand scratches – and following half a month of utilization, it actually looks all-around great. Victus is the most grounded glass that Corning is presently proposing to cell phone makers and keeping in mind that it’s been utilized on some lead gadgets, it’s uncommon somewhere else. It’s utilized on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, for instance. 

There’s a poke hole camera in the presentation, despite the fact that it’s somewhat fierce, maybe somewhat bigger than it should be and you can see some discoloration around it, however, that is not an enormous issue. 

The presentation size is unquestionably a benefit, albeit this isn’t the greatest showcase you’ll find. The tones are somewhat muffled contrasted with a portion of the correspondingly evaluated rivals utilizing AMOLED, the Samsung Galaxy A52 for instance. It’s just 60Hz which some may consider being a disadvantage, yet in case you’re not used to a quicker invigorate rate, you presumably will not see the distinction. 

In any case, there’s a lot of detail and it has the ability to slice through brilliant conditions when outside. Talking about being outside, the polarizing layer runs along the scene plane, so in the event that you have polarizing shades, this telephone passes out totally in the scene – not extraordinary for taking photographs.

Hardware and performance

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G
  • 4/64GB or 6/128GB + microSD or double SIM
  • 4630mAh, 18W wired, 15W Qi remote

Up until now, everything has been quite sensible. Huge showcase, bunches of assurance in that rough plan – and afterward we get to the center equipment and what may make some inquiry the situating of the Nokia XR20.

At its heart is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G, similar equipment as the X10 and X20. For the people who don’t have the foggiest idea, this equipment is the initial step on the Snapdragon stepping stool, with 600, 700, and 800 series equipment above it. It’s generally present in the reasonable finish of the market, and the cost of the Nokia XR20 sticks out – it simply looks extravagant given this equipment – particularly when you can get non-tough gadgets with more power, for less.

Yet, this is another age of Snapdragon 400 series equipment and the exhibition takes this past what we’ve seen at this level previously. Without a doubt, it will better a portion of the more established Snapdragon 600 series equipment you’ll find in some gadget – so it’s not generally so terrible as it would appear.

In day-by-day use, the Nokia XR20 is sufficiently quick. It will slice through your applications and keep you associated – it has incorporated 5G – and everything moves along as expected. It additionally offers a very decent encounter on more requesting applications like games. We’ve first up Call of Duty Mobile, and keeping in mind that the experience isn’t on par with what it is on more power telephones, it’s still totally playable.

Nokia XR20 Camera

Double camera framework: 

  • Primary: 48MP, 0.8µm, f/1.79, AF 
  • Ultrawide: 13MP, 1.12µm, f/2.4, FF 
  • Selfie: 8MP, 1.12µm, f/2.0, FF 
  • Double LED streak 

Nokia has stirred up the cameras on the XR20 contrasted with the other X telephones, which brag a quad camera. This could really be something to be thankful for, nonetheless, as Nokia had dropped the profundity sensor and large scale sensor that the X10 and X20 offer – and those are normal garbage in any case. 

Rather you have a 48-megapixel primary camera – as old as X10 – and a 13-megapixel ultrawide sensor, which is by all accounts exceptional to this telephone. 

Nokia’s application will allow you to skip from 0.6x (ultrawide) through 1x (the primary camera) with an easy route for 2x zoom, which is advanced. There’s additional computerized zoom out to 8x assuming you need to go further. You probably won’t have any desire to, notwithstanding, as the quality drops off before long even in amazing conditions when you begin utilizing this computerized zoom. 

The primary camera is adequate for most everyday shooting. It’s basic, yet it takes care of business, and given great light it will return some very great shots – yet it’s handily perplexed with the HDR framework now and then tossing out certain photos that look somewhat desolate, or underexposed.


The Nokia XR20 is a fascinating telephone and once in the hand, something really doesn’t add up about the rough completion we truly like. It has been intended to take a little maltreatment and that is probably going to speak to specific clients who need assurance however don’t need a case on their phone. 

The day-by-day experience of the Nokia XR20 is incredible – it runs well, the battery keeps going long enough and the showcase is adequately able to give you a respectable encounter. In any case, we do scrutinize the evaluating at this equipment level as it actually feels somewhat costly, however, find yourself a rebate and you’re checking out a very decent tough telephone that squeezes into day-to-day existence. 

There are other tough telephones available, yet the Nokia XR20 doesn’t feel like it’s been worked for the structure site. It seems like it has been worked for ordinary use, for individuals who definitely need a telephone that won’t crash on the main drop.