On Camera Microphone Mounts For Your Own Convenience

On Camera Microphone Mounts

Getting the most out of your on camera microphone requires a decent microphone mount. The Godox VD-Mic is one popular choice, but there are other good ones as well. These include the InVision(r) VD-Mic and the Softie Lyre. Read on to learn more about these and other on camera microphone mounts. Then, pick the one that works best for you! You’ll be glad you did!

Godox VD-Mic

If you are looking for a lightweight shotgun mic that delivers excellent sound quality and durability, consider the Godox VD-Mic. It features a cardioid polar pattern to capture sound from directly in front of it while attenuating background noise. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for close-up video work, such as vlogging. This microphone weighs only 40g and includes a Rycote shockmount to prevent unwanted vibration noise. This microphone mount is compatible with most cameras, and includes a pair of cables: TRRS and XLR.

The Godox VD-Mic on camera mic mount is a lightweight and durable choice for shooting video. It has a 1/4-20″ mounting thread to attach it to your camera or rig. It is also compatible with 3.5mm microphones, allowing you to use it in other capacities. Godox’s full warranty period covers defects and damages caused by improper installation. Designed for use with video cameras and DSLRs, the VD-Mic is a must-have accessory.


The InVision(r) on camera microphone mount is part of the Rycote InVision line of noise-reducing shock-mounts for camcorders. It is specifically designed to fit external camera microphones that range from 19 to 25 mm in diameter and are up to 300 mm long. Its innovative design helps camcorders capture the clearest sound possible with external camera-mounted microphones. It also features a convenient cable management system, which eliminates noise caused by cables and stands.

Designed to attach to a standard 3/8″ boom pole, the InVision On-Camera Shock Mount is ideal for mounting shotgun microphones on camera. It uses patented Lyre technology by Rycote. It secures the microphone in place using the unique Duo-Lyre cradle. It is a great option for students on a budget, as it provides high performance without compromising durability.

The InVision(r) is universal and works with all popular camera brands. The InVision’s mechanical fastener is made from a unique thermoplastic material that is nearly indestructible. The Lyre suspension system also minimizes noise. As a result, the mic won’t sag or slide around while the camera is in use. This ensures superior sound isolation. So, you can shoot better movies.

This patented ‘Lyre’ technology eliminates handling noise, rumble, and vibration. It accommodates most small-diaphragm microphones and is equally stable for heavy-duty microphones. The 5/8″ adapter is included in the package. The InVision USM-7HG MKIII is also available for omnidirectional microphones. So, no matter what type of microphone you use, the InVision USM-7HG is the mount for you.

Softie Lyre

The Softie Lyre on camera microphone mount is a relatively new product that is designed to replace the top mic bracket found on leading small camcorders. To install the new microphone mount, users simply unscrew the bracket supplied by the camcorder’s manufacturer, and then screw the Rycote version on. The bracket comes with eight screws that users need to use to install it. The Lyre mount also has an anti-shock design.

The Softie Lyre is compatible with most camcorders with a microphone clamp, and its XLR connector anchoring system makes it easy to attach a shotgun microphone. It also has a pistol grip and 3/8″ threading on its base. It is compatible with most 19-25mm cylindrical microphones, including the Sennheiser MKH series. The softie mount is solid, and the Softie Lyre suspension attenuates the microphone’s audible frequencies before reaching the mic.

The Lyre clips on the Softie Lyre mount are made of thermoplastic, and they won’t break or degrade like other suspension systems. They eliminate unwanted vibrations caused by mic suspension, which can be heard as low-frequency thumps and noise. The Softie Lyre Mount is easily removed when not in use, and it can be stored with the mic attached. It can be easily removed when not in use, allowing you to shoot with confidence.


The Saramonic VMIC5 is a high-quality, on-camera shotgun microphone that’s designed for vloggers and content creators. It features a 5 x 0.9-inch interference tube and a super-cardioid polar pattern for focused directionality and excellent off-axis rejection. The VMIC5 includes an on-board control pad and a convenient headphone monitor.

The CamMic is a small, lightweight, plug-in shotgun microphone that delivers high-quality sound. It’s built to be both lightweight and portable, and the high-quality construction and design make it an excellent choice for mobile productions. Saramonic’s exclusive shockmount system eliminates a common cause of unwanted audio problems, making it the ideal choice for film, television, news gathering, vlogging, and YouTube.

The CamMic+ requires two AA batteries and has an LED that indicates its power status. The LED changes to red when the battery runs out. It also features a gain switch so that you can adjust the output level. The -10 dB setting is great for recording loud sounds, while the 0 dB position is perfect for recording quiet sources. The +20 dB setting lowers the level and noise produced by the camera’s preamp.


The SHAPE of on camera microphone mount is a versatile accessory that allows you to mount your microphone to your stand or rig. It features a CNC-machined aluminum base and rubber bands that isolate the mic from other vibrations and sound. It will accommodate most microphones, measuring 0.75 to 1.2″ in diameter, and comes with a 3/8″-16 to 1/4″-20 adapter. For maximum flexibility, the microphone mount is adjustable and can be adjusted to a lateral or vertical orientation.