Best Outdoor Gear Lab and Equipment Reviews [2022]

Outdoor Gear and Equipment

Outdoor Gear Lab LLC was founded in 2011 with the mission to provide the world’s best reviews on outdoor gear. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the company is dedicated to promoting quality outdoor gear and equipment. It features gear for every activity, from backpacking to climbing to skiing and more. In addition to providing reviews on products, the Outdoor Gear Lab website features a wide variety of articles and videos on the latest in gear. Check out these helpful tips!

Chris McNamera is the founder of Outdoor Gear Lab

A Big Wall Climber and ex-wingsuit BASE jumper, Chris McNamera is the founder of the popular Outdoor Gear Lab website. He’s been called one of the world’s best climbers by Outside Magazine, and holds nine big wall speed records. Chris is also an author, having written eight climbing guidebooks and five Yosemite National Park guides.

GearLab is run by Chris McNamera, who owns several other outdoor-related websites, including BabyGearLab and TechGearLab. Eventually, he plans to bundle the three sites under one name – GearLab. As a former adventurer, McNamera’s passion for the outdoors has driven him to build the site. As a result, Outdoor Gear Lab has helped more than 25 million people make smart purchasing decisions.

Tech Gear Lab

In a world flooded with outdoor gear and products, the need for testing and evaluation is essential. The Outdoor Gear Lab employs both field and lab testing. Its testers work months on end to try out new products, which are then rated in a variety of categories. The site includes video reviews of each product, as well. This outdoor gear testing service is a good source of information on the latest gear. It’s easy to see why the Outdoor Gear Lab is so popular among gear head enthusiasts.

The site SuperTopo has an entire section dedicated to reviewing outdoor gear, and it even has a section dedicated to rock climbing gear. GearLab originally began as a section of SuperTopo, a web site that provides climbing guidebooks and web information. The Outdoor Gear Lab’s site is ad and influence-free, and its writers are professionals in the field. GearLab is the definitive source for reviews of outdoor gear and is supported by real testing.


Outside Magazine has named SuperTopo’s Outdoor Gear Lab the #1 outdoor gear blog! It’s the result of a spin-off from SuperTopo’s popular gear reviews. It’s a great resource for those who want to find the best gear for the specific conditions they’ll encounter during their outdoor adventure. While the company produces a number of excellent climbing guides, the GearLab provides a unique angle on the subject.

Grand Trunk

One of the first things you should do when you’re going on a camping trip is make a good forecast. Unless you plan to spend an extended period of time camping, a reliable weather forecast is a necessity. And the Grand Trunk hammock won’t disappoint. In a recent test, this product won two ‘Top Pick’ awards and a ‘Best Buy’ award from Outdoor Gear Lab.

The fabric is made of parachute nylon, which is a lightweight, durable material that will resist tearing from sharp objects. Grand Trunk compared their hammocks to stray rocks, boulders, branches, and other outdoor hazards. The Grand Trunk Double is one of the most durable hammocks we’ve tested, and it holds up against reasonable wear and tear. The Grand Trunk Double Hammock has been tested in deserts and other harsh environments to determine its durability.

The Grand Trunk Nano 7 is the lightest hammock in the lineup. Weighing less than 200 grams, it fits right inside the water bottle pocket of a backpack and can hold up to 136 pounds. Its premium aluminum carabiners and ripstop nylon construction make it practically impossible to detect if the product is too small or too large. The Grand Trunk Nano 7 is also the lightest hammock tested by Eagles Nest Outfitters.

The Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter Hammock is the best hammock for those just starting out. Grand Trunk’s Ultralight Hammock weighs only 14 ounces with carabiners, making it a great option for lightweight backpackers. However, many backpackers find that a heavier and more technical hammock is better for them. Aside from the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter Hammock, many other consumers have rave reviews about it.