Perfect Barbie Halloween Costume for Every Family

halloween costume

Are you looking for a simple dress-up Barbie costume? Below we’ve got Barbie as well as halloween costume for each member in the household to wear this Halloween. There’s everything from cute beach Barbies to adorable Barbie princesses to matching Barbie as well as Ken boxes.

To help you shop more easily to make shopping easier, we’ve done the searching for you. Below is the list of Barbie costumes for both children and adults that are available in stores in the present.

Best Barbie Halloween Costumes

Get ready! While some costumes come with the wigs and accessories, other provide them separately. Make sure to check the items included in your purchase to make sure the Barbie costume is complete for Halloween.

C’mon, Barbie! Let’s to a party! These ladies’ Barbie costumes are sure to be an instant hit at any Halloween event. They’re a great option for a college-themed celebration, costume party, or even a couple’s costumes.

Fashionable Barbie Swimsuit from Box Halloween Costume

You’ll surely be a hit at your Halloween celebration with this Rasta Imposta Doll Vintage Swimsuit Halloween Costume. The complete Barbie costume comes with a vintage swimming suit with stripes and a bright pink Barbie box. You can even get an edgy ponytail wig with blonde hair and cat-eye glasses in white to complete the style. You’ll only need an elegant pair of heels and an Ken doll to go out with!

Sunny Boutique Miami Pink Barbie Swimsuit

Are you in search of a sexy Barbie costume for your college Halloween celebration? Sunny Boutique Miami’s Pink Barbie Swimsuit makes for one costume that can be used for Halloween. It’s perfect for creating coordinated Barbie costumes for your buddies as well as sorority sister. It can be worn in a flirty swimsuit, or wear it as a bodysuit paired with jeans or cutoffs made of denim. Wear this adorable piece to the beach when the summer season arrives.

Urban Outfitters Barbie UO-Exclusive Heart Mini Dress

Are you in search of a sexy barbie halloween costume college celebration? Sunny Boutique Miami’s Pink Barbie Swimsuit makes for an excellent Halloween costume that is versatile. It’s perfect for creating coordinated Barbie costumes for your buddies and sorority girls. You can wear it as a hot swimsuit or dress it up in a bodysuit by pairing it with Jeans or cutoffs from denim. You can wear this cute one-piece for a day at the beach as summer arrives.

Barbie Deluxe Exercise Barbie Costume

Make yourself a little more active with this 80s-inspired Barbie Deluxe Exercise Costume. It’s comfy, practical and just a little sexually attractive. It’s the ideal combination for hosting Halloween celebrations. The pink and teal jazzercise catsuit comes with leg warmers as well as sweatband. All you’ll need for finishing the look is shoes and a ponytail on the side.

The Forplay Action Figure Class Costume

Create your own Barbie doll (or your preferred blonde law student) With Forplay’s Class-Action Figure Costume. The two-piece set comes with an open-front zip-up jacket with a long-sleeve and a body-con skirt that is curvaceous with a front opening as well as matching pink sunglasses. Make sure to add hair that is blonde as well as heels and a doggie peeking out of your bag.


Add the finishing touches to your identical Barbie as well as Ken Barbie halloween costume using Rasta Imposta’s Vintage Barbie & Ken Box Costumes. With ones own Ken and Barbie-inspired outfits underneath, they’re an ideal to make a last-minute costume for your couple at any Halloween event. The sizeable Barbie boxes are simple to put on thanks to the supportive shoulders, poles the front of which is clear and armholes on the sides.