Planning a Boho Bridal Shower Dress, Decorations & Invitations

Boho Bridal Shower

For the bride-to-be, a boho bridal shower is an elegant and fun way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. While many brides-to-be prefer the romantic, traditional themes, a boho shower can also be fun and funky. You can have the shower outdoors, or decorate inside the home using colorful florals, berries, and juices. The theme is endless, and you can use the colors and decor of the bride’s favorite place – the beach!


A boho bridal shower dress is perfect for the bride who likes to wear her feminine style with a modern twist. Featuring an open back, an open neckline, and off-shoulder details, the Vecchio Dress by Reformation is both flattering and comfortable. Made from imported lace, this boho wedding gown moves beautifully. You can even tuck it into your purse. This versatile piece will be the highlight of your reception.

To complete the look, wear a boho bridal shower dress with a smocked waist and a plunging neckline. The dress features patchwork floral embellishments, as well as a white or pink floral print. It’s a great choice for a spring or summer bridal shower. If you’d like to show off your shoes, a boho wedding dress would be an elegant option.

Another great option for a boho bridal shower dress is a cute white wedding dress. These are versatile, and can be worn for many occasions, including engagement photos, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the honeymoon. Boho brides can even wear them to their bachelorette party, and they’ll still look stylish and chic! The bride-to-be can also wear boho wedding dresses to a lingerie party.


If you’re having a West Coast fiesta, you’ll probably want to include invitations for a boho bridal shower. This design incorporates a desert sunset, earth tones, and free-spirited cactus. Perfect for the bride-to-be who likes cowboy boots and West Coast fiestas. Invitations for a boho bridal shower can also feature a peacock chair illustration.

The bride-to-be will fill out a questionnaire requesting basic information, such as location and time. She can also indicate whether she would like to attend a bridal shower with certain activities or not. If she’d rather stay home and just sit and relax, she can opt to avoid the pressures of opening gifts in front of her guests. The invitations will then reflect these details. Once the questionnaire is complete, the shower planner can plan the shower accordingly.

The bride-to-be’s partner will also arrive at the end of the shower with flowers. Oftentimes, the partner will be the one carrying the gifts home. It’s a fun way to include her partner in the shower. The best part is that the invitations will match the mood of the shower. So many brides-to-be are also choosing boho-themed shower invitations for their friends.


When planning your Boho bridal shower, don’t forget the greenery! You can add a boho-themed banner to the venue or include sweet cacti details for a photo booth moment. Adding boho greenery is a unique way to add life to any event. You can also use easy-care houseplants to decorate and provide favors for the guests. Listed below are some ideas for incorporating greenery into your Boho bridal shower.

One of the most popular Boho themes is the hippie chick theme. The boho look is all about peace, love and happiness, so incorporate tie-dyes, organic snacks, and flower crowns throughout the room. You can also create a themed party around African animals with a boho safari theme. Dream catchers and colorful banners can hang from the table to accentuate the theme. Adding a dream catcher to the table is a perfect way to incorporate your theme into the party.

Succulents are easy to care for, and will add a touch of natural beauty to any room. Wooden pots can be customized with chalkboard paint or dried lavender. Candles made with soy wax are an affordable option. Instead of buying expensive bridal shower favors, try substituting a donation basket for your guests. All the decorations you need for your Boho-themed bridal shower are affordable, and there’s no need to break the bank.


When planning a bridal shower, there are many ways to create a boho environment. You can use a patterned rug on the floor to add a boho theme to your gathering. Then, you can purchase pillows and table runner that match the patterned rug. The earthy and cooler colors will surround your table setting. You can also use dream catchers as a banner on the bridal shower table.

The bride’s friends and family helped to plan and decorate the shower. They chose a bohemian style that incorporates handcrafted decor from around the world. The decor included a driftwood bower and macrame curtains. The bridal shower’s food table was decorated with a variety of delicious treats, like cakes and pastries. After the food was served, the guests enjoyed a Bubbly Bar station with cocktails and mimosas.

To make the centerpieces for the table, use Pomander Sunflower Kissing Balls. Or, you can hang multiple floral crowns to add dimension to your decoration. For dessert, use a Sunflower Party Latex Balloon Garland Kit. Sunflower Party Cupcake Stands are a beautiful way to display delicious desserts. Sunflower Garland is another great decoration to use. If you’re having a cake, consider using a map design.


A great indoor boho bridal shower theme is a combination of rustic and modern, and is sure to please the bride-to-be. To make the event feel authentic, invite guests to bring their favorite props. The bride-to-be can also wear her engagement ring and favorite pair of sandals. Then, have guests take pictures while wearing the props. After the pictures, host a lingerie party and serve boho bridal shower food.

The colors of this theme are naturally soothing and can even add a modern edge to the space. Layers of soft blues with accents of greenery create a serene atmosphere. Add music to create a calming mood. Decorate the cakes and cupcakes with whipped frosting and fresh berries or crushed candy bars. Choose pastel colors for a more contemporary edge. However, if you are looking for a lively party theme, consider adding a little color into the decor.

Alternatively, you can serve cold drinks to your guests at a bar. You can have a cocktail station with frozen margaritas. You can also add a touch of boho flair with a patterned table runner or pillows. Snacks can be fun, too! Guests can enjoy charcuterie cones, filled with bite-size morsels or cheeses on toothpicks. You can also hang dream catchers from the tables for a fun theme.


A Boho bridal shower backdrop is perfect for a modern boho themed shower. Printed with the highest quality available at 1200 dpi on sturdy backdrop material, the photo backdrops feature gold grommets for hanging. This backdrop is shown hanging from a T-style backdrop holder, but can be hung however you like. We also love the large wicker chair at the head of the table for the bride-to-be. This was a beautiful addition to the theme!

Pampas grass is a trend that you can incorporate into your bridal shower. You can use it to create an over-the-top sign that says, “Almost Mrs.” to commemorate the event. Alternatively, you can use a foam board covered in faux flowers, pushed through without staples. A greenery garland can also be used as an alternative to flowers. If the bride-to-be is allergic to flowers, you may want to purchase artificial ones instead of fresh ones.


If you want to throw a stylish and unique bridal shower for the bride-to-be, then a boho theme may be the perfect choice. You can create your boho bridal shower with several elements, including a picnic theme. A picnic table can be placed on the ground, and teepees can be used as decorations. Various decorative elements include dream catchers, macrame, and floral arrangements. You can even use a log arch for your celebration.

Whether your wedding will take place in a lush forest, a secluded beach, or a sparkling infinity pool, you can have a romantic boho bridal shower. While the shower can be indoors, it will be most fun to have it in nature. A beautiful wooded park or campsite outside of town is a perfect setting. Be sure to check with local laws to see if any permit requirements apply before planning the party. If the bride’s parents can’t afford a campground, a backyard can be turned into a boho oasis.

A table setting that reflects the bride’s personal style is also essential for a boho bridal shower. Adding fairy lights to a jar as a centrepiece will add a magical touch to the table. Flowers and greenery are great ways to add beauty and color to the tables, while vases of flowers in jars add a touch of nature to the environment. You can also add textures to the table decor by using different patterns and textures.


You can make cookies for a boho bridal shower by using a mix of pastel colors and piping lines. You can also pipe feathers on them with varying colours and shapes. For example, if you want to create a door, pipe pink icing onto the top and bottom. If you want to create a bull, pipe pink icing on the head and horns.

These colorful cookies can be decorated in a boho style with dream catchers, arrows, feathers, and engagement rings. Dream catchers, feathers, and arrows make a lovely boho theme. You can also find bohemian style wedding invitations online that feature these cookies. The bride-to-be will be delighted with her cookie favors. The cookies can be given as gifts to the newlyweds as well as to the bridal shower guests.