PureB2B and Fitbit Versa 2 Review [2022]


The pioneers of B2B technology, PureB2B has spent years refining and implementing the most effective approaches to reach business professionals. With more than 125 million technology buyers in its database, PureB2B offers comprehensive demand generation solutions that address business professionals at every stage of the buyer’s journey. These solutions use innovative PurePredict(tm) technology to help customers identify and target personas at every stage of the buying process.


Founded in 2007, Demand Science provides integrated B2B solutions and a global buyer intelligence platform. In addition, it has acquired Leadiro, a B2B sales enablement platform with more than 60 million verified records. In the last six months, Demand Science has completed four acquisitions, adding scale and sophistication to its strategy of becoming the go-to solution for B2B intelligence products. PureB2B is one of its brands. The company’s other brands include Tidings, Leadiro, and the BIOMES brand.

In addition to its B2B demand generation marketing software, PureB2B provides market-generation solutions that ensure that content is engaging and reaches target buyers. This software combines lead generation with development to maximize marketing strategy and follow-up. The company has helped a variety of industries to improve sales. PureB2B offers complete company profiles. Its software also makes it possible to track and follow-up on all leads.

DemandScience is a web-based demand generation platform that helps businesses manage content syndication, display advertising, and outbound lead generation. It includes predictive analytics and multi-source intent data to help businesses optimize their lead generation efforts. Its PureABM module helps managers host display ads across strategic spaces. Its PureFunnel solution combines domain-level buyer intent with multi-source content and ad placement strategy to produce qualified leads.


If you are trying to increase your lead conversion rate and revenue, you need a powerful lead generation tool like PurePredict B2B. This data-driven platform works by analyzing the way that buyers interact with specific keywords and websites. Its goal is to help you maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts by using intent data insights. PureB2B was founded in 2009 and is based in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Melissa Chang serves as the company’s President and CEO.

PurePredict B2B combines three levels of intent: contact-level goal, company-level social media intent triggers, and domain-level consumption trends to make the most accurate buying predictions. Most intent providers capture only one-time buying signals. PurePredict considers the entire buyer’s research journey, allowing B2B marketers to focus on addressing unique challenges. PurePredict B2B is currently available for purchase in the U.S. and Europe.

PurePredict B2B integrates with Demand Science’s Salesforce platform, allowing marketers to identify buying signals from four sources of intent. The software enables marketers and sellers to target specific target accounts based on the most relevant trends. Through this, they can improve their sales pipeline and generate more leads. DemandScience provides demand generation solutions such as PureABM, PureFunnel, and Cobena. Further, PureABM helps marketers and sellers refine target accounts based on their expertise and industry.

As PureB2B is launching its new platform to analyze intent data at the company and contact levels, it can provide more accurate in-market buying predictions. The company’s goal is to offer an integrated solution that works seamlessly with their existing CRM system. It’s a great way to make smarter and faster decisions. The company has raised $45 million in venture capital funding for this venture. For the next five years, Demand Science is expected to expand to a $100 million revenue business in the next few years.

In addition to using PurePredict B2B to target decision-makers, PurePulse’s mid-funnel solution, PurePulse is a first-party data collection solution that targets priority personas with the right offers. PurePulse uses first-party buyer intent data across 1000s of domains monthly to provide marketing leads tailored to specific customer profiles. The company’s goal is to build relationships with their target personas at every stage of the buyer journey.


The new Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch is a perfect example of PurePulse’s growing popularity. It will feature a proprietary algorithm based on machine learning to better determine a person’s heart rate. The band should be worn lower on the wrist and loose enough to move around, ideally a couple of finger widths above the wrist bone. It is also compatible with Fitbit’s Premium membership plan, which will offer a wellness report, third-party workouts and motivational programs.

Demand Science offers a Global Revenue Intelligence Platform and integrated B2B solution suite for driving growth for 1,000 leading global companies. With the new PurePulse B2B solution, Demand Science is able to leverage the power of first-party decisional intent data to target priority personas and generate highly-targeted leads. The company reports that its customers have realized a 20x return on investment in a three-month pre-launch program.

Xu Qiu Ke Xue is a type of yin-yang vegetable in Chinese. It is also known as Ti Gong Liao Jian Kang De Shu Ju. With a Chinese name like that, you can be certain that it will make a lasting impact on your business. PurePulse B2B is available as a web application, and integrates seamlessly into your website.

With PurePulse technology, Fitbit Blaze Fitness Smart Watch is a perfect tool for monitoring your heart rate. With this wearable, you can track your heart rate while performing high-intensity exercise without a chest monitor. The system will differentiate between a person’s workout and arm gestures and analyze the intensity of the activity. Whether you’re doing yoga or brisk walking, this smart watch will help you achieve the results you want.