Segway X260, X160, and Sur Ron X260 Electric Dirt Bikes

Segway X260

There are several different models of Segway Segways available today. We will cover the X260, the X160, and the Sur Ron X, as well as the X160. We’ll also touch on how much you can expect to spend. Once you’ve decided which model you want, you can search for a local dealer. We’ll also talk about what makes each model unique. And since this is our first time testing a Segway, we’ll talk about the differences between the X260 and the X160.


The Segway X260 is an electric bike that has a full-grip throttle and kickstand. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. The Segway X260 delivers a powerful 184.3 FT-LBS of acceleration. Whether you’re riding around the neighborhood or tackling a challenging trail, this machine is a great way to get some exercise while you ride. And if you want to test out the Segway X260 before you buy one, be sure to read the following reviews and see the price.

The X260’s most notable improvements are the headlights, larger wheel diameter and dimensions, and dual forks for front suspension. As a result, it’s even safer than ever to ride on the pavement. It also comes with a number of useful safety features, like a bell for the rear brakes and an emergency stop button. But perhaps the biggest change is the way the Segway X260 feels and rides.

The X260 is made to tackle all terrains. It has superior shock absorption, IP65+ waterproofing, and an impressive mileage of 120km. This electric scooter can reach 50km/h in just four seconds. Whether you’re riding through the countryside or the city, you can trust the X260 to make it easier to ride in any environment. And the battery life is excellent, too. With two batteries and a controller with built-in charger, this vehicle is ready to conquer all terrain.

With its single gear and high torque, the Segway X260 is easy to maneuver. However, you’ll want to be smooth on the throttle. The Segway X260 features front disc brakes, as well as a rear regenerative electric brake. The regenerative electric brake feeds the energy generated by grinding between the disc and brake plates back into the battery. For the most part, it runs on the same OEM suspension system, with hydraulic springs in the rear and a double-shoulder inverted front fork.

The X260 comes standard with a DNM Volcano fork. Its USD design is similar to that of a traditional downhill mountain bike fork. The Sur Ron X, meanwhile, uses a combination of the RST Killah and Rockshox Boxxer forks. Those with Segway X260s will want to upgrade to Shimano HO3C brake pads for extra durability.

While the Segway X260 is not available in all states, it is still affordable, with prices starting at $4,500. The X160 is lightweight and 106 pounds, while the X260 weighs 121 pounds. The X260 can reach 47 mph and is available in four colors. If you’d like to try one out for yourself, be sure to visit a Segway dealer in your area.


The Segway X160 is a medium-sized electric dirt bike designed for off-road trails. This electric scooter can accommodate adults and teens. Its light weight and large tires make it easy to handle on uneven terrain. The Segway X160 is available in black or white, and it is lightweight enough to be carried around easily in your pocket. You can choose between two modes to get different rider capabilities and levels of speed.

The X160 is designed with a forged aluminum frame, weighing 88 pounds, including the battery. The motor is located on the bottom of the frame, near the foot pegs. It is direct-drive and uses a chain and large 48-tooth sprocket. This model is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 15 mph and producing 23 foot pounds of torque. The Segway X160 also has an optional battery pack charger for convenient charging.

The X160 shares similar styling with the Light Bee X, but it has more features. It features bright built-in headlights, adjustable seat height and frame length, and a highly customizable frame. It also has a basic speedometer, but it is very easy to set your ride time. The X160 has mobile phone connectivity, as well as Segway Nine-bot app. It also features an adjustable phone rack.

The X160 has the same basic physical specifications as the X260. It has an additional hour of charge, but it’s a third more expensive model. The X260 is faster than the X160, and it can climb 45 degrees of the gradient. However, compared to the standard X160, it’s hard to find any significant differences between the two models. And the X260’s higher price may be justified.

The Segway X160 is an electric dirt bike that is suitable for both roadside and off-road usage. This midsize electric dirt bike is a great way to zip around local trails. While the X160 is meant for adults, it is small enough to be ridden by teens. You should always wear a helmet and wear high-visibility clothing while riding, just to be safe. In addition, you should never leave a child unattended in an electric dirt bike.

Both the X160 and the X260 were available for pre-order and started shipping in February 2020. They will cost $2,999 and $3,999, respectively. You can get a $500 discount if you purchase your Segway X160 via Indiegogo. They’ll ship to you from California, so there’s a chance that you may get a discount coupon for the same. You can read more about Segway X160 reviews here.

Sur Ron X

The Segway Sur Ron X260 comes with an aftermarket body kit that can be purchased separately or combined with a frame. It uses molded polypropylene components to create front and rear fenders and an integrated tail light. Despite the X260’s high-quality construction, it does suffer from ergonomic shortcomings. In particular, the battery door is too high, making it uncomfortable to sit on, and it sacrifices a great seat position when leaning the bike onto its edge.

The Sur-Ron X260 features a patented sine wave controller to improve throttle response and speed. This controller is also much quieter, and there are fewer motor vibrations when moving. The electric motor’s speed is happiest when it’s spinning fast, so it’s important to be aware of local laws before riding your Segway. While the Sur-Ron doesn’t have an app, users can adjust settings by entering morse code into the brake lever.

The Sur Ron X260 is also priced at $4,200. However, it’s worth considering that this model is more expensive than the Sur-Ron X260. It comes in 4 different colors, with a powder coated finish. However, it’s also much easier to charge and ride than the Sur-Ron X. The X260’s battery range is 75 miles. The Sur Ron has been in the market for a few years and recently launched its 45 MPH Light Bee electric bike. While the company isn’t affiliated with Segway, they are one of the company’s biggest shareholders.

There’s also a cheaper version of the X260. Lunacycles is selling an Xmas version of the Sur Ron X260 for $4,200 on This model costs an additional $500, but comes with a $500 discount. The company’s website also includes a map of local dealers. You can also purchase the X260 on Amazon. But you should note that the colors on the Sur Ron X260 are not as vibrant.

The X260 uses a Panasonic lithium battery pack for power. It has a fast charging unit, allowing you to travel up to 74.6 miles on a single charge. The battery recharge time is about three to four hours. You can also use the Segway Sur Ron X260 as an electric bike for dirt. If you live in an area where solar panels are not convenient, you should invest in a portable 60V charger.

While the X260 has the same high torque as the original Sur Ron X, it also features a regenerative electric brake for the rear wheel. This brake feeds the energy produced by grinding between the disc and brake plates back into the battery. As for the suspension, the X260 runs on the same OEM system. It uses a double shoulder inverted front fork and hydraulic spring rear suspension. The X260 is one of the most popular electric dirt bikes on the market today.