Some Common Mistakes in IELTS Exam Listening

IELTS Exam Listening

For some students, listening to English can be more difficult than speaking it. Because it requires a proper understanding of pronunciation and vocabulary. Furthermore, nervousness affects the listening and understanding ability of a student. Well, you might be aware that the IELTS exam is conducted to check the listening, speaking, reading, and writing efficiency in English of a test taker. Every section is given equal weightage. So to get a good score, it is necessary to give your best to every section. This article will help you know some common mistakes to avoid while taking the listening test of the IELTS exam. 

Misinterpretation, inaccuracy, and other minor mistakes can affect the IELTS score. However, taking necessary precautions can help you avoid these mistakes. Are you preparing for the  IELTS exam? If yes, then approaching the best institutions that provide the best IELTS institute in Jalandhar can help you achieve a good score. 

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while taking the IELTS exam.

Not maintaining focus

It is easy to lose focus while listening to the audio during the test. While listening to the audio, if a student is not able to answer a  question then he starts to think about that question rather than maintaining the proper focus on the rest of the audio. Well, this is a blunder that will affect a  good score. Remember that you can listen to the recording only once. You will not be able to rewind, stop and forward the audio. So it is necessary to maintain your focus on the audio. 

Listening to audiobooks can help you in enhancing your listening ability. Many websites are providing audiobooks to their users. also, you can listen to news podcasts daily to enhance your listening efficiency in the English language.  If you want to achieve a good score then approaching the best IELTS institute can help you accomplish your goal. 

Losing the calmness of  mind

A calm mind will help you attempt the right answer. Many students lose the calmness of mind at just the thought of a test. Remember that haste will not lead you to success. In fact, it pushes you away from your goal. Practice meditation to make your mind calm. Listen to the audio with a calm mind and proper focus. You will not be able to focus on the test if something else is running through your mind. Focus on the thoughts that are relevant to the audio. 

Weak vocabulary

If your vocabulary is weak then try to enhance it with the help of a dictionary. A good vocabulary is a must to achieve a good score. This will help you in interpreting the real sense of what is said to you. Remember that there are some homophones that can have different meanings but the same sound. Try to enhance your knowledge of homophones, homonyms, and synonyms. As a  result, this will help you in interpreting the right meaning of the audio. Learn three new words daily to enhance your vocabulary. Please don’t forget to check the pronunciation of a word in the dictionary. The pronunciation of a word is written in the regional language right in front of that word. You can also take help from phonetics to enhance your pronunciation.

Ignoring  instructions

Many students ignore necessary instructions and start to attempt the paper. Well, if you make the same mistake then this can affect your score. Don’t forget to read the instructions before attempting the paper. For example, if it is mentioned to write the answer in a single word then don’t cross the word limit. If you are instructed to answer in capital letters then follow the rule. Examiners can penalize you for not following the instructions properly. If you want to prepare for the IELTS test then approaching the best institutions that provide the IELTS institute can help you in your preparations. 

Not solving the sample papers

Sample papers can help you know the exact format of the exam. Eventually, this will help you perform better in the exam. Many institutions make their students solve the sample papers at least twice a week. Also, solving sample papers can enhance your speed. Time is a factor that can reverse the game. You will be provided with a certain time limit to attempt the questions. Use proper strategies to manage your time during the exam. Hence, solving sample papers will help you in the management of time.

Comparison will help you a lot here. After writing your answers, try to match your answer with the answers of the toppers. Take note of where you are lacking. Hence, solving sample papers will help you improve your weakness and strengthen your abilities.

Transferring  the answers

Transferring the answers to the answer sheets while listening to the audio will affect your focus. Please keep in mind that you will be given 10 minutes in the end to transfer your answers to the answer sheets. Maintaining your focus while listening to the audio is very necessary. Use accurate grammar and spelling while writing your answers. 

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Believing in yourself is the first step for acing any test that comes across your path. This will fill positive energy. you can use this energy further to tackle negative thoughts. There will be many factors or people who will try to fill negative energy in you. If possible, try to respond to them with positiveness.  They are the ones who need your guidance. Have faith in your abilities and turn your dream into reality.