Sur La Table Air Fryer Review [July 2022]

Sur La Table Air Fryer

Before purchasing a Sur La Table Air Fryer, it is important to understand how it works. This appliance uses 1700 watts of power and 360 Airflow Technology to create crispy outside air-fried foods while using little to no oil. Listed below are some of its features. These include a 13 quart capacity and 10 preset buttons for different cooking methods. A recipe book and easy-to-follow video recipes round out the package. This item ships via UPS Ground.


In our review of the Sur La Table Multifunctional Air Fryer, we’ll discuss how it can help you prepare healthier food with less fat and calories. This machine uses 1700 watts of power and 360 Airflow Technology to fry without oil, while also producing delicious results. This air fryer also comes with 10 preset buttons for different cooking methods, including air fry, reheat, bake, dehydrating, and rotisserie. We also discussed whether the multifunction air fryer is worth the price.

The Sur la Table Air Fryer is a reputable brand, with a long and impeccable trust record. With a fantastic trust rating and popularity on social media, it has a solid reputation. Despite its age, we recommend buying the product from the company’s official site. The brand has an excellent reputation, and we highly recommend it. We hope our review of the Sur la Table Air Fryer has helped you make the right purchasing decision.

This air fryer is capable of cooking savory and sweet dishes with ease. The multifunctional feature lets you control the cooking time and temperature. With 1700 watts of power and 360 Airflow technology, the fryer produces healthier, more consistent results. The unit’s ten preset buttons enable you to cook anything from chicken wings to french fries in less than 30 minutes. While this may not be a practical choice for larger families, it is an excellent assistant.


The Sur La Table Air Fryer is a multi-function appliance with 1700 watts of power and 360 Airflow Technology for evenly cooked food. It is a convenient appliance for cooking food because it requires very little oil to cook. The fryer features 10 preset buttons and a capacity of 13 quarts. You can select from 170F to 400F and cook food in one to 60 minutes. Parts for this air fryer are dishwasher safe.

The Sur La Table Air Fryer comes with a wide variety of accessories to complete your cooking experience. This appliance can prepare a variety of foods and can even bake, broil, reheat, dehydrate, and rotisserie. The unique 360@ Airflow technology in this fryer ensures that food is crispy and tender. The 13-quart capacity makes it convenient for preparing a variety of meals for your family.

The Sur La Table air fryer is a popular, trending product. It offers seven functions: air fry, broil, roast, rotisserie, reheat, and dehydrating. This appliance can also be used to cook frozen foods such as chicken wings and french fries. To get the best results, preheat your oven to 400 degrees for 5 minutes. Once the temperature reaches 400 degrees, insert the basket and add food to the air fryer.


Until recently, the Sur La Table Air Fryer cost $79 at Costco, but it has since gone up to a higher price. This new price, however, makes it cheaper than most of its counterparts. If you’re a regular Costco shopper, this air fryer may be worth considering. You’ll save money and get great quality for your food, without the hassle of cleaning or waiting for hours on end.

The Sur La Table Air Fryer is a multifunctional appliance that can bake, broil, rotisserie, dehydrate, and more. The 360@ Airflow technology in the Sur La Table Air Fryer keeps your food crisp and tender. The 13-quart capacity allows for several dishes and a variety of cooking styles. A Sur La Table Air Fryer is highly portable and comes with a host of extras.

The Sur La Table Multifunctional Air Fryer features 1700 watts of power and 360 Airflow Technology to produce outsides that are crispy and the inside is moist. This air fryer cooks foods with little or no oil, and it uses less oil than most frying appliances. With its 10-preset buttons and 13-quart capacity, it’s easy to cook your favorite foods without wasting time or oil. This air fryer also comes with recipe books and easy-to-follow video recipes.


There are many things to consider before buying a Sur la Table Air Fryer. This brand has been around since 1997, which gives it a long history. The company has a high trust index and is popular on social media, but you should read reviews carefully before buying. You may want to check the product’s size before you purchase it. If you are buying a fryer for your kitchen, you may want to check the dimensions of your chosen fryer.

One thing you should know about the size of your air fryer is that you should never use a 13-quart fryer if you’re cooking for more than six people. You’ll want to check that the heating element is 1700W so it cooks your food evenly and quickly. Also, be sure to check the power cord and wiring to make sure they’re not damaged. A good quality air fryer should be stable and able to stand up to daily use.

The Sur La Table Multifunctional Air Fryer uses 1700 watts of power and 360 Airflow Technology to cook food without a drop of oil. With a 13-quart capacity and 10 preset buttons, this fryer is easy to use. The company offers a recipe book and easy-to-follow videos to help you prepare delicious meals. The manual even includes tips on how to use it properly. You’ll be cooking in no time at all.


When I first got my Sur La Table air fryer, I was a bit skeptical about the quality, but I was amazed to discover how evenly and quickly it cooks food. I tested the product with frozen chicken wings and french fries. The food cooked up perfectly and evenly without any mess or burnt edges. And I loved the convenience! It’s easy to clean and it even saved me from having to spend hours in the kitchen!

The Sur La Table air fryer features an impressive 1700-watt heating element and 360 Airflow technology. The 360 airflow technology ensures evenly-cooked food, with little or no oil needed. It also comes with 10 preset buttons for easy use, and a recipe book and video tutorials that teach you how to make delicious meals in no time. Even my kids love this product, and I know they will, too!

Another great feature of the Sur La Table air fryer is its many optional accessories. Some models include a riser for roasting meat and a basket divider to cook two items at the same time. Its various accessories add value and convenience to your kitchen. You can even bake, roast, dehydrate, and reheat foods, without the oil. The features of this model vary widely, but they all give you the flavor you crave without the guilt.


The brand Sur la Table is popular in the kitchenware and cooking school market and their air fryer is no different. Founded in 1972, the company provides high-quality cookware and cooking classes. If you are looking to buy an air fryer for your home, you should do a little research first. The brand is well-known, and the seller site for their air fryer has an excellent reputation. You can buy this product for a relatively low price compared to other brands.

Unlike deep fryers, air fryers use less oil than their deep-fat counterparts. A little cooking spray may be enough for breading. However, any method of cooking can produce carcinogens, including acrylamide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. As a result, cooking oils can produce these chemicals, and repeat heating can cause the same problems. Unlike conventional frying, this method releases high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The Sur La Table air fryer is an excellent product that is perfect for the home kitchen. With a 13-quart capacity, this air fryer allows you to cook meals for the entire family. In addition to being convenient, it offers an assortment of accessories and features that will enhance the cooking experience. If you’re interested in investing in a high-quality air fryer, make sure you read Sur La Table air fryer reviews to ensure you’re getting the right one for your needs.

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