The 5 Best Casinos to Visit Around the World

Best Casinos to Visit

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It’s no surprise that the thrill of testing one’s luck is shared across the world. Zion Market Research found that online gaming is set to reach an industry high of $114.4 billion by 2028, which indicates a growing trend in gaming’s global appeal.

Today, many renowned casinos around the world dedicate themselves to bringing the best out of the gaming experience. Let’s take a look at five of them below.

Casino De Venezia, Venice

Casino De Venezia, Venice
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Given the city’s history, it shouldn’t be surprising that Venice contains some of the world’s oldest casinos. In fact, Venice’s and the world’s oldest casino is still standing today. This is Casino De Venezia, sitting on the Grand Canal in Venice, which was opened in 1638. Today, the Casino di Venezia hosts several gaming options — from blackjack to roulette and poker — and even ongoing tournaments for pros, like the World Poker Tour.

Of course, that piece of gaming history isn’t the only thing to enjoy in the city. Tourists can enjoy the Renaissance Palace in winter amidst the snow and lights, or enjoy the City of Water in the summer sun and make the most of the city’s storied history.

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco


Known as the casino that supported a country, the prestigious Casino de Monte-Carlo actually owes its history to tougher times. The major stakeholders of the property, also known as the ruling family of Monaco, were going bankrupt when they got inspired by the casinos of nearby towns and set to relocate and redesign Monte Carlo.

The casino would become the main source of income for the House of Grimaldi, the traditional rulers of Monaco, and remains so today. Its appeal to high rollers is no wonder, as the casino caters to some of the wealthiest and most discerning gamers in the world with a huge diversity of table games, including Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

No discussion on casinos is complete without Las Vegas, and very few may dare to argue against The Bellagio’s renowned reputation as one of the best casinos in the city.

The casino spans a stylish 7,000 square foot space, and enclosed within the poker room at The Bellagio is the Legends Room. This is one of the stops on the World Poker Tour, and also houses the Big Game, a high stakes mixed game that involves many of the poker world’s luminaries.

Almost every tourist in Las Vegas stops over at the Bellagio one way or another, to either catch the iconic fountain show or the one and only Cirque du Soleil, or even to admire the Greco-Roman architecture inspired by Lake Como and Bellagio, Italy.

The Venetian Macao, Macau

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Modeled on Vegas’ own Venetian complex is the Venetian Casino with over 530,000 square feet of floor space. Aside from their indoor arena, custom-built theater, and even digital art museum by TeamLab of colorful and interactive installations, their casino spanning four themed gaming areas is also a major attraction.

Here, one may find 800 gaming tables and 3400 slot machines to accommodate Macao’s wide variety of options. From blackjack, baccarat roulette, baccarat, boule, sic bo, fan tan, and keno, Macau lives up to its title of the Las Vegas of Asia.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Owned by the same Las Vegas Sands company as The Venetian Macao, Marina Bay Sands is the most sophisticated casino in Singapore. Located in the middle of a shopping mall, casino players can easily slip out and spend their winnings after spending a day amongst the 600 gaming tables and 1500 slot machines.

Unique to the casino, however, is that tourists can enter for free but locals must pay $100 for the privilege. This hasn’t been much of a deterrent, as the Marina Bay Sands casino recently saw its gaming revenues at their highest level since the start of Covid-19, and experts foresee the growth of their gross gaming revenue growing from 80% to 90% this year.

This growth can be expected across the world as international patronage surges and the tourism industry recovers. With that, gaming enthusiasts and tourists have much to look forward to around the world.