The 5 Steps To Start Trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

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The popularity of trading in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed recently.According to a survey done in 2022, millennials (those between the ages of 26 and 41) are more likely than older people (those between the ages of 42 and 76) to invest in cryptocurrencies [1].

Given that they have a much longer investment horizon than someone who is rapidly approaching retirement age, millennials are able to take on more risk with their investing plans because they have a lot more time before they retire [2].

Another way to trade cryptocurrencies is through trading bitcoin contracts for difference (CFD).

Compared to actually buying Bitcoin, cryptocurrency CFD trading can be a quicker way to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies because it doesn’t involve setting up a digital wallet or an account with a cryptocurrency exchange.You can trade Bitcoin CFDs with Vantage on the cryptocurrency market by following these five steps.

What are Bitcoin CFD, CFD, and cryptocurrency?

Cryptography is used to secure cryptocurrencies, making them difficult to counterfeit [3]. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currency.Blockchain technology, a sophisticated database technique that enables a shared ledger to assist the process of recording, tracking, and sharing of asset information within the network, is the foundation of many decentralized networks on which cryptocurrencies are created.

Additionally, it means that they can operate independently of intermediaries like banks or other financial organizations.The possibility of a weaker connection between cryptocurrencies and conventional asset classes like bonds or stocks is one benefit of trading cryptocurrencies.

You can obtain these cryptocurrencies in a number of ways, including by mining them, purchasing them on the cryptocurrency market, or storing them in a digital wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Without taking direct ownership of the underlying asset, traders can speculate on the price movement of a variety of financial markets, including fiat currency FX pairs, equities, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, by using CFD trading.When you trade CFDs, you are effectively betting on how much the prices of the underlying goods or asset classes will change.Without really holding the underlying asset, which is Bitcoin itself, Bitcoin CFDs are financial instruments that let you speculate on the increase or decrease in price of Bitcoin.

How does trading in Bitcoin CFDs work?

Trading Bitcoin CFDs involves purchasing and selling the virtual currency with the possibility to earn profits from price fluctuations.Trading Bitcoin CFDs through a broker is just as easy and secure as trading stocks or foreign exchange.

By forecasting the changes in the price of Bitcoin, you can purchase and sell cryptocurrency CFDs with Vantage.When you trade with Vantage’s swap-free account on any bitcoin CFDs, there are also no overnight costs.

Here are a few instances of trading Bitcoin CFDs:

The seller will pay the buyer the difference when the closing price of the Bitcoin CFD is higher than its initial price, which is how the buyer makes money.

Whenever the closing price of a Bitcoin CFD is less than the opening price, the buyer will incur a loss and transfer the discrepancy to the seller’s account.

Another illustration is when you decide whether to go long or short in a transaction.

When you place a “long position” trade, the value of your open position will only rise together with the price of Bitcoin.

Your position will be worth less in the event that the price of Bitcoin declines.

Trading Bitcoin CFDs and Trading Cryptocurrencies Have Different Effects Traditionally

The ownership of the underlying cryptocurrency is one significant distinction between trading cryptocurrency CFDs and doing so directly.Having a cryptocurrency wallet on the trading platform or an exchange is a requirement when trading cryptocurrencies traditionally.

You must have this wallet in order to keep the bitcoin you bought.

When you trade Bitcoin CFDs, you are merely committing to exchange the difference in the price of the cryptocurrency between the opening and closing prices of the contract.

The ability to speculate on price movement in either direction and the degree to which your forecast is accurate determines whether you make a profit or a loss while trading Bitcoin CFD as opposed to other cryptocurrencies.

In conventional cryptocurrency trading, you would aim to purchase the cryptocurrency coins at a discount and sell them when the price of the coins increases in order to profit from the increase in price.

Benefits of trading CFDs on bitcoin

In both rising and declining markets, there is potential for gains.

Trading opportunities based on price disparities are often created through CFDs.

When you trade CFDs, you can take advantage of chances that appear when the market swings either direction by making short or long trades.Yes, that refers to the possibility of earning profits even when the markets are down.

No limitations on usage

Without having to worry about an expiration date, CFDs let you trade the price changes of the Bitcoin CFD.Contrary to futures contracts, which have a pre-set price with a future expiration date, you might enter a long-term CFD position.

CFDs as tools for hedging

With Bitcoin CFDs, you can hedging other investments in your trading portfolio.

Opening a position in a financial instrument with the intention of hedging one’s exposure to price changes of a different asset that move in the opposite direction is known as hedging.

For instance, regardless of the direction of the market, you could go long or short with the Bitcoin CFD, allowing you to hedging your portfolio at any time.

You can lower your risk exposure thanks to this.

No requirement for underlying asset ownership

You can start trading cryptocurrencies without really owning any of them by trading Bitcoin CFDs.To start trading, you merely need to deposit money into your CFD trading account.

trading using borrowed money

Leverage in Bitcoin CFDs enables you to execute trades that are far larger than your initial deposit.For instance, you may buy and sell bitcoin CFDs with up to two times more leverage when you trade with Vantage.Please be aware that leverage can magnify both gains and losses.

The drawbacks of trading CFDs on bitcoin

The cryptocurrency is not yours.

You don’t truly own the cryptocurrencies when you trade CFDs on them.

On the trading sites, you are merely speculating on the price.You must transfer your funds from the trading platform to a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin if you wish to acquire the cryptocurrency.In order to store the Bitcoin on the Bitcoin trading site, you would then need a Bitcoin wallet.

the price implications

Spreads, which represent the price differential between the purchasing and selling prices, are an additional expense associated with cryptocurrency CFDs.The spread that you must pay grows wider the riskier and less liquid the asset is.


Low requirements and easy access to CFD trading may encourage excessive trading.

You run the risk of overtrading because most brokers have minimal margin trading requirements.

This will put more of your portfolio at risk from the markets than you can handle, and your remaining funds could not be enough to make up for any losses.Therefore, it’s crucial to practice sound risk management while.

Leverage can have two sides to it.

Leveraging or margin trading increases your gains but also increases your risk of suffering substantial losses.Making accurate predictions regarding future price fluctuations is frequently challenging due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, which frequently leads to many intraday adjustments.


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