The Benefits of Using the NetSuite OpenAir Project Center 

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Professional services providers are constantly trying to better themselves and leverage new technology to support their initiatives. NetSuite OpenAir is one tool that regularly introduces updates and new features to help users become more efficient in their business operations. They can align their goals and use the reporting and visibility options to actively pursue them. One of the most important NetSuite features is The Project Center which continuously introduces improvements. 

The Project Center has evolved to become a module that combines all the functionality a service provider might require. They combine project management with bookings into one single window. Users can create tasks, receive real-time updates, and edit booking items all on the same screen. It can help companies overcome the challenges they face in their day-to-day activities. 

The implementation process can be tricky but the benefits are worth the trouble. We have outlined some of the potential gains a firm will receive when they switch to The Project Center to address their professional needs.  

The Project Center Setup 

Accessing the NetSuite OpenAir Project Center is not a straightforward process. The setup process is complex and requires users to optimize the settings according to their preferences. The first most important requirement is updating to the latest UI of NetSuite before opening the Project Center through it. This can be a great excuse for users to move to a new system and upgrade to the latest version sooner rather than later. The Project Center will not work without the latest user interface because it has a few features that require stronger framework support. 

The Project Center also relies on system configurations and users have to individually implement several features. The outline view, booking worksheet, and other options on the platform have to be set up with a lot of deliberation. The role permissions associated with the different settings has many optional settings including inline editing, list view, and other options. The Project Center can be even more useful when everything is defined according to the business organization. There are several system changes that need to be made as well but those are included in the NetSuite project management software guide and need not be discussed here.  

Benefits of Using the NetSuite OpenAir Project Center 

There are a lot of reasons for a professional service provider to turn to the Project Center. Some of the most prominent ones are highlighted below. 

Quick Editing for Project Bookings 

The time-saving capabilities of the Project Center cannot be mentioned enough. It brings all the project details as well as booking information in one place. The NetSuite OpenAir demo is powerful and can execute many functions. It does not only provide a view of the information but also allows users to create new bookings at the project level. 

The features facilitate editing, setting booking type, and switching between different views. There is no need to provide context or refer to another window to get the necessary information. Once the changes have been made, they are saved into the native booking data through the backend server. Bookings of the same type can be grouped together in a single view and each one will be occupying its own line to simplify the process and add more clarity for other users. 

Combines Project and Resource Management 

Resource management and project management often go hand in hand, and sometimes they are handled by the same user. The Project Center makes it easier for them to monitor both from the same window. It is easy for them to track resources, assign tasks, and distribute funds using NetSuite project management software.  

They can add new tasks, edit projects, and assign resource levels without missing a beat. Each task can be dragged, dropped, and reorganized with ease. There is an inline editing tool that is supported with the help of appropriate settings. These features have been added to make task and resource management a lot easier. Each item goes back to specific milestones and they can be viewed, edited, and organized in a dynamic and systematic order. 

Quick Access to Project Schedule Updates  

Following all updates related to project tasks, bookings, and schedules can be challenging but with the NetSuite OpenAir Project Center users can automatically update their calendars. It is synchronized with the bookings and keeps track of all the updates.  

If there are several different resources required for a specific task that is due the next week but a few of them have been assigned to different projects then they will not be available at the same time. The plan will show all the starting and ending dates for each task and help managers figure out the best way to avert the crisis. Dividing the resource time is a lot easier with the Project Center because it is updated and scheduled based on the booking.  

It can see when each resource is available and book it for the task accordingly. They can also get better estimates of the end date of any project based on the resource availability and booking schedule. The Project Center gets updates in real-time which is why it is a reliable source of information. 


Teams working together on client projects often want to do more than just handle the technical aspects. The NetSuite OpenAir Project Center helps the managers bring everyone from administration, projects, reviews, booking, and updates department to a single platform. It does have a long setup procedure but once it has been implemented, there are many benefits the solution offers. Businesses will be able to increase their efficiency and productivity levels by several folds. 

The Project Center helps many organizations navigate the challenges they face during project management. They can configure the NetSuite UI to get access to this valuable feature. Once the center is set up, it will help companies with the smooth running of their operations. There are more reasons to use the software and booking a NetSuite OpenAir demo will help you discover what they are.