The Best Backpack Mount For 360 Camera

Backpack Mount For 360 Camera

If you’re looking for a backpack mount for your 360 camera, there are several options out there. Some are budget-friendly and easy to use. Telesin’s mount is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users. Made of elastic nylon and a PC build, it delivers a lightweight experience. It’s easy to use on a backpack strap, is adjustable, and allows you to lock 360-degree camera angles. Plus, it supports the major 360 cameras.

Lume Cube

If you’re looking for a way to shoot in 360°, Lume Cube has just the accessory for you. With its integrated 360° optical sensor, it works with any camera, from smartphones to DSLRs. You can place it anywhere you want, and it will fire in sync with your camera’s flash to record stunning videos. It even comes with a low-power mode for night photography.

Another great feature of the Lume Cube is its ability to mount 360-degree cameras on any light stand. Unlike some other camera mounts, the Lume Cube can attach to any cold shoe mount, as well as GoPro cages. It can even be mounted to a tripod. This means that you can shoot 360-degree content wherever you go. The Lume Cube is compatible with a variety of DSLR cameras.


If you are looking for a backpack mount for your 360-degree camera, you should consider the Stuntman Pack Mount. This mount can be used with a wide range of 360-degree cameras, and it comes at a reasonable price. Its design is ideal for outdoor activities and is easy to use. It also comes with a one-year warranty and comes with a no-slip straps. In addition, the package includes a Base Plate with No-Slip Straps, a Ball Joint, and a Two-Prong Adapter for GoPro. Although the backpack and shoulder straps are not included, this mount is very well-constructed, and is backed by an impressive one-year warranty.

It’s lightweight and easy to install, and has a sakra kardborreband and is compatible with all GoPro cameras. This backpack mount allows you to record 360-degree content from any location. The rig’s mangsidighet is made of latta material and is flexibly and steadily adjustable. It is also compatible with most other brands of redskap, including 360-degree cameras.

It’s a great way to get footage while traveling or hiking. The ball base provides 360-degree rotation, preventing the camera from tilting as you move. Another benefit of the Stuntman backpack mount is that it keeps your camera steady and protects the lens from scratches. Its ergonomic design means you can comfortably carry it around with no discomfort. The straps are comfortable and can be adjusted to ensure you capture every move with your 360-degree camera.

Another good backpack mount for 360 camera is the Surewo strap mount. It’s strong and has a shark-like clip for the 360 camera. It has a 360-degree angle and is adjustable to fit into most backpacks. Its strap is adjustable and secure, so you can shoot 360-degree angles without any problem. A sturdy backpack mount is a must for outdoor activities. These accessories will help you achieve professional-looking shots and make your work easier and more enjoyable.


The Monopole backpack mount for 360 camera is a great way to transport your new INSTA360 PRO 2 and other accessories. Its stylish and durable exterior makes it easy to carry. You can even extend it to film and capture Google Street View. Unfortunately, there is a limited supply of the backpack available. So, if you are planning to shoot 360 video in the future, consider buying one before it’s too late!

If you’re on a budget, you can always opt for a cheap backpack mount. You can find a telesin model made of elastic nylon and a PC build for a very lightweight experience. It also features a 360-degree locking mechanism and supports major 360 cameras. The telesin is also sturdy and supports a variety of other cameras. The telesin backpack mount is one of the cheapest options for a professional-quality backpack mount.

Insta360 has a backpack mount that lets you hold your camera hands-free. It’s best for shooting videos while wearing a backpack full of clothes or when traveling in a vehicle with lots of vibration. The mount is equipped with a vibration dampener to minimize camera movement and protect the camera. If you’re on a budget, you can also purchase a tripod or chest mount for your 360 camera.


A backpack mount for your 360 camera can be an excellent way to capture new angles and interesting shots. The Telesin Backpack Strap Mount works on either strap and is compatible with most Model GoPro cameras and the DJI Osmo Action Camera. Its non-slip design is easy to install and comes with a Velcro fastener for securing the camera. If you’d like to create a vlog that is uniquely you, this mount may be the right choice for you.

This inexpensive backpack mount is made of elastic nylon and a PC-built frame to provide the best experience for you while shooting. It can be locked at 360 angles and is easy to use on a backpack strap. It’s compatible with all major 360 cameras and is strong and durable enough to hold a heavy camera. You can also purchase the telesin backpack mount to hold your 360 camera while you travel. Whether you’re shooting in the park or hiking through the woods, this affordable mount will keep your 360 camera steady.