The Machine Shed in Des Moines Offers a Tangy Tenderloin Recipe

Machine Shed in Des Moines Offers a Tangy Tenderloin Recipe

The Machine Shed’s menu offers several different options for pork chops. They have a tangy tenderloin recipe, as well as other options, including an Angus Beef burger on a brioche bun. The pork chops are cooked in the oven for about 35 minutes until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Afterwards, they can be served with the tangy tenderloin recipe.

Recipe for tangy tenderloin

To make this delicious recipe, you’ll need a few ingredients. It should be seasoned and stuffed with about 2 oz. of the stuffing mixture. Then, you can stuff your pork chops with the remaining seasoning mix and bake them for 35 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 160°F. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make a batch of this at home.

The Machine Shed is one of Iowa’s most popular restaurants. Its huge parking lot and multiple dining rooms draw out-of-state drivers. This restaurant’s popularity has earned it the reputation of being an interstate traveler’s stop. You can find the Machine Shed in the western suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa. The Machine Shed’s menu includes pork tenderloin sandwiches and cinnamon buns.

Angus Beef burger on brioche bun

The Angus Pub Burger on Brioche is a twist on the classic American Cheeseburger. Using brioche instead of a traditional hamburger bun, this dish adds rich savory flavor to the classic beef patty. Adding Swiss cheese and mushrooms adds a little extra flair. Burger patties should be seasoned with salt and pepper. Place burger patties on a broiling pan and cook for 4-6 minutes on the first side. Flip burgers after 3-5 minutes on the second side and cook until desired temperature.

Another delicious choice for the classic Angus Beef patty is the burger with bacon and two-to-three-pound patties. They can be topped with bacon, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese. Some restaurants even add onion rings or smoked bacon to the burger for a truly unique taste. You can also get three sliders with cheddar cheese and smoked bacon.

The Angus burger is a high-quality beef patty with a thin, toasted brioche bun. A top chef alum uses eight-ounce patty of Angus beef and five-ounces of barrel-roasted prime rib. The burger is topped with caramelized onions, fresh arugula, and a slice of bacon. Top chefs like to get BIG on their burgers, so this burger will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Iowa Pork Chop

The famous pork chop served at Iowa’s Machine Shed is a jumbo slab of meat with a creamy, buttery interior. The Iowa pork chop machine also churns out immense cinnamon rolls. Tenderloin sandwiches are a lower Midwest staple, and the Iowans are experts at flattening slabs of tenderloin to make the ultimate sandwich. They also make a mean sour cream raisin pie.

When cooking pork chops, it’s best to cook them at 145°F for tenderness and a slightly pink interior. The internal temperature should be between 145 and 160°F, so make sure they’re cooked to your preference. Cooking time and temperature vary from pork chop to pork chop, so pay attention to directions. Cooking time will depend on the thickness of your chops and the type of chop you’re cooking.

AA eggs

Shed’s signature steak is served with two “AA” eggs and your choice of Shed sides – short stack of buttermilk pancakes, French toast or golden brown waffle, smoked country sausage, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, ham or two “AA” eggs cooked your way. Your choice of Shed sides – potato, tomato or smoked meat – is also served.

All of their skillets include your choice of potatoes, toast or English muffin. You can even order a buttermilk pancake or an English muffin with milk sausage gravy. Toppings include Colby cheese, onions, and garden fresh tomatoes. Choose your side! You can’t go wrong with these mouthwatering skillets! You’ll be so happy you did! They’ll be the talk of the town!

Buttermilk pancakes

The original location of Machine Shed opened in 1978. Today, there are six locations serving family style cusine. Choose from the lunch or dinner menus or try the brunch. You can write reviews on their website and see what others have to say. To find out more, visit machine or call 815-829-2878. While you are there, try the tangy tenderloin or the smoked chicken.

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