The Waiter’s Friend Barware Set Is a Must-Have

Barware Set

When purchasing a new barware set, the waiter’s friend cocktail shaker is a must-have. Its sleek design and convenient hole makes it easy to store. It’s sturdy and has a long handle for stirring your drinks. And while the shaker isn’t necessary for making cocktails, it will be helpful when pouring them. You can even use it as a corkscrew if you prefer.

Cocktail Kingdom

The owners of Cocktail Kingdom saw an 80 percent sales dip last April, but the company didn’t lose faith. After spending hours on the phone with its central employees, the owners decided to focus on selling to consumers instead of the professional market. Today, they have an email list of more than 70,000 people, and they continue to innovate and introduce new products every year. For instance, they recently introduced a new five-piece cocktail set, which sells for $99 to $159 and is used by professional bartenders.

The Cocktail Kingdom barware set comes with essential bartending tools, including ice tongs and strainers, a muddler, and an ice bag. There are also a few additional pieces of barware to complete your bartending arsenal. Besides ice, you’ll find a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a pour spout, and a stainless muddler.

Several cocktail sets are designed to be displayed on your home bar. You can display cocktail shakers like the Cobbler and Parisian, which feature lids, and Boston tins, which can be used to store other bartending tools. Some of the sets even come with a decorative coating, which gives them an extra touch of class. This collection is available in many different styles and finishes. Cocktail Kingdom has a number of different sets and styles to suit every need.

Other pieces of cocktailware in the Cocktail Kingdom collection include the Veladora Mezcal Glass, which resembles the ones used in the mezcaleria. This glass is long enough to rest on opposite rims of most coupe glasses. The glass is also made of copper and gold-plated metal, and has a ring on its blunt end. These glassware pieces are dishwasher safe, although gold-plated ones are not.

Mixology and Craft 14-Piece Kit

This 14-piece bar set has everything you need to make amazing drinks. It features a stand that allows you to rotate items for easy access. All of the tools are easy to find and use, so you’ll have no trouble preparing your favorite cocktail. It comes with recipes and accessories for creating your own cocktails. It even includes a muddler, strainer, jigger, and tongs.

The Mixology and Craft 14-Pieke Kit contains everything you need to make great drinks at home, and it won’t break your budget. It’s well-designed and leak-free, and the stand holds all the essential tools. It also looks great on a kitchen counter or bar cart. This kit is an excellent investment for any home bar enthusiast. The tools are made from high-quality stainless steel, so you’ll enjoy using them for years.

The set is well-made, with stainless steel jiggers and Hawthorne strainer. It comes with two cocktail picks, a digital cocktail catalogue, and an online drink-making resource. The tools are also dishwasher-safe and rust-proof. Mixology and Craft 14-Piece Kit comes with a warranty. If you have any questions, contact the company to learn more about the products.

If you are a serious bartender, the Mixology and Craft 14-Pieсе Kit is worth every penny. It includes all of the tools you need to make delicious drinks at home. The kit is dishwasher-safe, making it ideal for those who want to learn more about the art of cocktail making. The Mixology and Craft 14-Piece Kit also includes a bar spoon, 24 oz. Martini shaker, muddler, spoon, and corkscrew.


The Koviti barware set is a great option for a home bar because it contains all of the essential tools needed to make delicious cocktails. Stainless steel materials ensure long-lasting quality and you can use the kit for years to come. Included in the kit are 18 and 28-ounce shakers, a measuring jigger, cocktail muddler, cocktail stirrer, and two liquor pourers. The set also includes a recipe booklet.

The quality of the Koviti barware set is second to none. The bar essentials are made of premium materials, ranging from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel to responsibly sourced acacia wood. High-grade stainless steel has an easy to care for finish and provides years of durability and food-safe properties. Its anti-tarnish treatment helps to keep the barware looking new without polishing. The set also includes a jigger and strainer, as well as ice tongs.

The Koviti barware set comes with a starter recipe guide and all of the necessary barware pieces. Included in the kit are three strainers, a jigger, mixing spoon, muddler, ice tong, and two liquid pourers. The set’s stainless steel construction makes it a durable choice for any bar. It is also a great gift idea! You can use the Koviti barware set to make delicious cocktails at home.

For bartending professionals, the Koviti barware set is an excellent choice. It includes all of the essential bar tools for both beginners and professionals. These high-quality barware pieces will help you create the perfect cocktail and you can enjoy it with friends and family. If you have friends or family who love to have parties outdoors, this is an ideal set for them. It is made of durable materials, which makes it perfect for outdoor celebrations or trips.

Absolut Elyx

A copper drinking vessel and an aphrodisiac owl are some of the coolest pieces of the Absolut Elyx barware set. The company has expanded its collection to include unique lifestyle pieces and professional grade bar tools. This holiday season, buy one of the limited edition gifts to celebrate the holidays with someone special. You’ll be sure to impress them with the gift of good taste. Absolut Elyx has a unique brand story to tell.

For the ultimate cocktail experience, purchase a copper vessel, strainers, and muddler. This set also includes a recipe book. The brand also offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its products, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. In addition to these beautiful items, Absolut Elyx also sells several branded bar towels and festive decoration gift sets. You can even purchase an adorable pair of banana leaf-printed silk pajamas to give as gifts.

While the brand’s vodka is distilled in copper stills, the production process is 100% carbon neutral. Waste stillage is used as fertilizer. The company also sells a barware set for $140, which features a copper pineapple and a copper tumbler. For those who are a fan of this luxurious vodka, Absolut Elyx’s copper drinking vessels are a fantastic way to show your appreciation.

In addition to cocktail tools, the company also offers copper-plated cups, glassware, and ornaments. The copper-plated Absolut Elyx barware set is a treasure trove of gift-wrapped in a gorgeous copper-plated box. These drinkware pieces make excellent gifts for your friends and family and will complement the décor of any room in your home. You’ll find that your loved ones will be delighted by the thoughtfulness and quality of this gift.


If you’re looking for a high-quality bar set with sophisticated designs, the ALOONO barware set is the answer. The 11-piece set includes everything a bartender needs to prepare the perfect cocktail, from a strainer to an ice tong. The stainless steel barware is durable and crafted to last. The elegant set is the perfect cornerstone for any home bar, but it can be used for professional-style parties, too.

The ALOONO barware set comes with a Boston shaker, a Parisian shaker, and an ice scoop. The shakers in all three sets feature a fine mesh strainer, a Hawthorne strainer, and a Julep strainer. These shakers also come with a Japanese style double jigger with interior measurement lines. The shakers are complemented with a Japanese bar spoon, muddler, and ice tongs.

The ALOONO barware set has a sturdy, high-quality construction. Each piece is dishwasher-safe, but the tin should be hand-washed only to prevent discoloration. The set’s design also allows for easy storage and travel. Its spoon fits into a handy pouch and fits easily into a bag. The velvet pouch makes it an excellent choice for traveling. A quality shaker can be a lifesaver.

Another great asset to the ALOONO barware set is its unique stand. The set comes with all the accessories you need to prepare a cocktail, including a shaker, muddler, pourers, and bar spoon. It’s perfect for small spaces. In addition, the shaker features a handy recipe card that makes it easy to follow. The cocktail shaker can also double as a decor accessory when not in use.