Top 10 Snacks You Must Try On Road Trip By Kiwi Foods

Snacks are a part and parcel of all kinds of our trips. And, what’s even better is nowadays we have so many options to choose from. In this article, we will discuss the ten snacks that are certainly suitable for road trips.

Tana Tan:-

Tana tan is one of the most popular products of Kiwi Foods. It is also one of the most preferred snacks for road trips. It comes in amazing flavours like mast masala and tangy tomato.They are so popular that they take up an entire grocery store aisle, thanks to their yummy taste and tangy flavours. Tan tan as a road trip snack are so good that either you can eat them alone, or you can also combine them with any number of dips. You can also use them as a topping for sandwiches and burgers. They are a thing of savour simplicity. Tan tan as a snack are the right combination of crispy and the right amount of greasy. It is just the best snack.

Fun Scoops:-

This is another amazing, very popular snack, manufactured by Kiwi Foods. It comes in masala flavour. And , is one of the oldest snacks manufactured by Kiwi Foods. Since the packaging is so light in weight, you can very easily carry multiple packs of it, on your road trip.

Fun Pop:-

Manufactured by Kiwi Foods, this is the most popular snack on the list. It comes in many different flavours such as tangy masala, pudina masala, pop pasta, khatta meetha, chilly tomato, and chow mein. Carrying it with you on a road trip will simply increase the fun of your road trip.

Pop Fizz:-

They too, like gulkand toffee, are very much capable of keeping you away from travel sickness. Pop Fizz comes in various assorted flavours such as Mango, Orange, Tamarind and Cola.

Bomb Blast Candy:-

The company Kiwi Foods continues to put in efforts to keep the love growing for one of their most favourite product bomb blast candy. When it was initially introduced, it won hearts from its wonderful taste and the aftertaste. The rich and tangy taste appeals to every age group. It’s extensive flavour, smooth texture and high quality packaging makes bomb blast candy highly irresistible for everyone.


This one is also my personal favourite. I like the way the taste comes with a particular elasticity. Eclairs manufactured by Kiwi Foods also have a certain amount of carbohydrates and energy. These eclairs manufactured by Kiwi foods are top class and are the perfect snack to take along on a road trip, especially if you are accompanied by children. It is shaped beautifully and is a great choice for someone who loves to have chocolates. The taste is so good that you become addicted to it.


This one is for the chocolate lovers. It is a chocolate flavoured wafer. The taste is so yummy as well as the packaging is absolutely amazing.


Gulkand toffee manufactured by Kiwi Foods contains a rich mixture of delicate rose petals and smooth sugar extract. This is also one of the new products manufactured by Kiwi Foods, but is so amazing in taste, that you would want more and more after one another. Gulkand any which way is very healthy as a natural product. So, if you are one of those who are quite prone to travel sickness, then gulkand toffee from Kiwi Foods, is your best escape route from travel sickness.

Coconut Affair:-

Coconut Affair is a very sweet coconut toffee prepared by using coconut as the main ingredient. Both the quality and packaging of these coconut affat are very good. The taste is so unique and delicious, that they make an apt choice for any road trip. Morey, the fragrance of the toffee is such that you will always ask for more of it. It is manufactured by one of the premium confectionery brands called as Kiwi Foods. Coconut Affairs has been quite a new kid on the block, as compared to the other food items manufactured by the Kiwi Foods.

Cream Crunch:-

The crunch wafer is more apt for someone who has a sweet tooth. It is perfect for balancing your taste along with other tangy snacks, on your road trip. The various flavours in which it comes are Strawberry, Orange, Mango and Vanilla.

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