Top 5 acupuncture points in your ears & their importance

acupuncture points in your ears

When people ask me what is the best point to massage or use acupuncture for, it’s “Your ears!” Why your ears? It’s fantastic for recovering from a cold as well as curing Hangover. If you’re suffering from sinus headaches or pressure pain from your ears. You can use this point as remedy. The acupoints in your ears are easy to reach and have a calming effect on the body.

Sympathetic point

The sympathetic point on your ears for acupuncture is the outer ear (auricle).

It is located at the lower edge of your auricle, between one and two finger widths below the top of your ear.

When you press on this point with your thumb, it should feel somewhat tender, like a bruise.


The ears are a great place for acupuncture. They are an area where there is a lot of free nerve endings and the local effect of the acupuncture will be felt more strongly. One of the most common points on the ear is called Shen Men or Spirit Gate, which is located at the top of the ear (near the hairline). It’s also called Shen Men because it’s a point that opens up to other areas in the body and clears blockages that cause pain and discomfort.

Point zero

Point zero lies in the middle of the ear on either side. It’s named after its shape, which is similar to zero on a clock face.

Point zero acupuncture points are used to treat pain in the head, neck, jaw and ears. They can also be used to treat problems with digestion and circulation, so they’re great for nausea, headaches and dizziness.

Tranquilizer point

The tranquilizer point is located on the ear. The location of the point is between the bottom of your ear lobe and where your jawline ends. You can find this point on both ears.

The tranquilizer point is used to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental health issues. It can also be used to treat headaches and migraines.

Colon point

One of the most important points on the ear is called Colon point. Colon is a Chinese medical term for a group of small muscles that are located under the skin on the outer part of the ear. These muscles help to move your ears when you wiggle them. The Colon point is an important acupuncture point for pain relief in general. It can be used to treat headaches and migraines, as well as many other problems.

The Colon points are:

1. Tonsil (Balde) – throat, thyroid, lymph nodes, tonsils and thymus gland

2. Middle Ear (Mizu) – middle ear and eustachian tube

3. Inner Ear (Ue) – inner ear

4. External Ear (Soto) – outer ear

These points are the most important

As you can see, our ears are a lot more important to the functioning of the body than we first might have thought. In addition to hearing, they play an important role in regulating our metabolism and maintaining overall health. If you are experiencing health problems, it might be a good idea to consider visiting a doctor who is also a practitioner of acupuncture as well. These points may not solve all your problems immediately, but they can provide you with some degree of relief from pain, fatigue, and various other symptoms that become all too common as we age.