Top 8 Healthy Tips for Seniors for better Living

Healthy Tips for Seniors

Seniors or old people are they more than 60 years old. In that age, people usually susceptible with many types of diseases, and other physical problems. When people get older, especially more than 60 years old, usually our body endurance does not work so well as we were younger. The body parts function sometimes also cannot work so great. As the result, we cannot be productive anymore when we turn age more than 60 years old.

However, people still can keep them feel healthier and productive even in their senior age. With healthy body, we also can look younger and fresher. So, just follow the following healthy tips if you want to live healthier in senior age.

1. Eat Healthy Foods

Foods is the fundamental things for health, also one of the major things causes disease. Seniors should be able to control foods coming into their body. Eat foods with low fat and calories, low carb, adequate protein and fiber. Eating healthy foods can help everyone healthier and live longer.

2. Increase Brain Ability

In senior age, usually our brain ability to remember and to think about something is not so great as we were younger. You should do exercise for your brain by leaning something new, doing cross words, reading magazine or book, and many more. Eat healthy foods and vegetable that high ingredient and to increase brain power watch movies like space movie for better power. Also, other science fiction movies can help to increase brain ability.

3. Complex Carbohydrate

The third important thing you need to in your senior age is by eating more complex carbohydrate such bean, grain, red rice, and many more.

4. Do Sport-best healthy tips

In your senior age, doing sport is also important and it can help you healthy. It can optimize your hearth and your body metabolism. Do some easy sports such as walking, yoga, swimming, and few others. Maintain this by setting a time regularly because daily sport can change many on your health. 

5. Consume Healthy Fat

There are some foods containing healthy fats such as avocado, soy oil, olive oil, and few others. Consume healthy fat to help your body building healthy cells. Avoid consuming too much fries and junkies. Avoid oily and rich foods that is dangerous for your health.

6. Stop Listening music on High Volume

High volume can cause heart Attack, so stop listening the music at high volume. Enjoy your life by listening my free mp3 music at a low volume for a better health.

7. Drink Enough Water

By drinking enough water per day can prevent you from many types of disease. Drink mineral water at least 2 Litters per day. Water also can help you to detox your body, wasting many unneeded substances in your body, and get rid of toxic in your body. Drinking water at perfect quantity can reduced 50% disease from your body.

8. Do Regular Check Up

Doing check-up regularly is also important. You should know your blood pressure, your blood fat levels, the levels of hemoglobin, leukocytes, platelets. Check also your body weight.