Top Five Craft Burger Spots in the U.S.A

Craft Burger Spots in the U.S.A

If you’re looking for a great burger without the gourmet label, you should head to The Craft Burger in Brooklyn. Founded by Barry O’Hare, this burger spot serves a high-quality burger without the glitzy label. I’m a fan of the bar and burgers at The Craft Burger. We’ve been there several times and were not disappointed. Here are our top picks.


Shannen Tune opened Craft Burger in January 2016, serving unique burgers using all-natural beef and locally sourced produce. The restaurant is known for its burgers, such as the Morning After Burger, which features a cheddar-bacon waffle, mixed greens, tomatoes, smoked gouda, crisp potato hash, and a sunny-up egg. In order to create the perfect burger, Tune personally taste-tested burgers at Shake Shack in Atlanta and The Company Burger in New Orleans.

Whether you’re looking for a unique burger or a traditional one, Craft Burger has something to satisfy any taste. The restaurant serves a wide variety of craft beer and wine, and has hosted tap takeover events featuring Red Hill, Fairhope, and Good People Brewing Company brews. There are also a variety of milkshakes, and customers can add a dash of malt for an additional 50 cents. To complement the menu, Craft Burger also serves Cuban and steak sandwiches. Other menu items include grilled cheese and bacon, or even a fried egg and bacon. The craft burger menu also offers salads.

By Shane

Craft Burger by Shane offers democratic eats for people of all ages. From the dry-rubbed grilled eye round steak to the toasted nuts and marinated grape tomato, the menu features many choices for the burger lover. It is possible to schedule delivery using Postmates Unlimited, and its menu includes a wide variety of beverages. For a fast and convenient meal, try one of Craft Burger by Shane’s burgers.

The restaurant is accepting a wide range of gift cards, including Giftly. This is a convenient gifting option for friends and family, as the card is good for any purchase. There are no leftover balances to worry about, either. Moreover, Craft Burger by Shane accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, and Giftly, making it a great choice for any occasion. A 4.5 Yelp rating and a growing list of positive reviews on Google and Facebook should give you enough reason to choose Craft Burger by Shane.


Katy is home to a new gourmet burger joint known as Craft Burger. The food truck first started operating in 2016 and soon expanded to a stand-alone restaurant at Finn Hall. The restaurant has 25 tables and a custom mural painted by artist Israel Rodriguez. It is located at 21945 Katy Freeway. You can visit the Craft Burger website to learn more about the burger joint. You can also leave comments and reviews about your experiences at Craft Burger.

The chef at Katy’s Craft Burger is Shannen Tune, who cut her teeth at luxury hotels in New York and LA before opening the business. She also worked in several top luxury hotels in the US, including Las Vegas, Houston, Austin, and San Francisco. She has traveled the world and spent time working in various cities, and her experiences have shaped her current concept. The result is a hip, high-energy and casual eatery that offers local black angus beef and innovative burger creations.


If you’re a fan of specialty burgers, craft beer, and warm surrounds, you’ll love the Convivial Eatery. Craft beer and specialty burgers are available on tap and you’ll enjoy the warm ambiance and occasionally live music. The Convivial Eatery is located in the redesigned Craft District of St. Paul, Minnesota. It serves up a rotating selection of burgers, brews, and sides in a modern-day pub setting.

In addition to the standard burger selection, you’ll find a variety of sliders. Some are topped with truffle aioli and topped with cheddar cheese and red onion. Other sides include housemade mac ‘n cheese, bacon bits, and salads. You can even bring your pet along and share one of the burgers! Be sure to make a reservation before your visit so you can get the best deal.

A trip to Historic 25th Street will allow you to enjoy the unique culture and atmosphere of Downtown Ogden. You can dine on a varied selection of hand-smashed burgers and other delicious fare. The ambiance at Craft Burger is also unique with its own unique decor, including an airplane-themed bar accented by a WWII runway. Featuring owner-made lighting and antique industrial furniture, it is the perfect spot to enjoy a burger with a friend or family.


There are numerous locations of the Craft Burger, but you don’t have to travel far to enjoy this fast casual concept. Click on the location link to view the full menu and read reviews. If you’re looking for something more traditional, consider one of the other burger joints in the area. The Craft Burger will serve burgers and sandwiches. You can also enjoy craft beer at their tap takeover events. You can also find many craft beers and wines on tap at The Craft Burger.


For me, a Craft burger is worth the trip to NYC. It is juicy, perfectly cooked, and comes with a crunchy cabbage slaw and shiitake slaw on the side. I have yet to find a better burger in the city. And if I were to go back, I would get a burger that was topped with crispy shiitake mushrooms. Then I would eat it on a croissant!

In addition to the classic burger, you can also find a number of unique ones at this burger joint. The J.G. Melon burger is a popular choice, and Bobby Flay once proclaimed it his favorite. The Juicy Lucy burger from Whitman has pimento cheese, caramelized onions, bibb lettuce, spicy pickles, and a sesame bun. For something more adventurous, try the bacon burger at Gracie’s.


Craft burger with truffle is a great way to add a little extra something special to a classic burger. The burger itself is made with Wagyu beef, but it also has beef shawarma, chicken burgers, and other options. The burger is served with your choice of sweet or savoury toppings. If you want to eat in, you can order a burger and milkshake for delivery to a nearby home.


While the Upside Craft Burger in Brooklyn is no longer open for lunch, the 13th Avenue location is still open. While it’s closed on Fridays for the Sabbath, the business offers takeout and delivery for those times when you want to order something fast. The menu is available online. Upside Craft Burger offers a variety of delicious burgers and shakes. It’s the perfect place to satisfy any burger craving.

Opened in Borough Park, Upside Craft Burgers is the first restaurant by Yanky Mayer. This entrepreneur has a background in the Kosher food industry as well as a passion for food and music. The concept of an unconventional restaurant allows him to incorporate both of his passions into one. You can choose from tacos, burgers, sandwiches, and even desserts. The unique vocabulary means you’re guaranteed to have an experience that’s different.