What Internet Speed Is Ideal for Residential Use?

Every household today requires an internet connection that is available 24/7. From your kids doing their homework to adults finding relevant food recipes, the internet is where everyone goes to. For residential usage, internet speed requirements are different from those of business enterprises and offices. Here we have provided you with a quick guide on what internet speed is ideal for residential use.

Internet Usage

The first and foremost important factor in deciding the right internet speed for residential use is how you plan on using the internet connection.


Gaming is one of the heaviest online activities. It has really high demands from the internet connection being used. Things like low latency, good bandwidth, ping rate, consistent connectivity, and of course, speed are very critical factors that affect the overall gameplay. From loading the high quality graphics to enabling two-way communication, and ensuring a fast response rate, your internet speed is imperative for gaming.

If you share your apartment or are in a family house where one of the members is obsessed with online gaming, then it’s time for you to opt for a high-speed internet plan. You should settle for nothing less than 100 Mbps. In some cases, such as for 4K games or several internet users, the speed requirements may even increase and be as high as 1000 Mbps. However, this is only true for instances where the internet is being used for other simultaneous activities also. If you are using the internet only for gaming, then even a 10 Mbps internet speed will be sufficient. For essential users, however, single-person use is a rarity.

However, speed alone cannot ensure a smooth gaming experience for you. You must be aware of other important factors that affect the whole experience.

Firstly, the internet connection should have ample bandwidth. This means that when the gamer is using the internet, the speed should be affected when someone else tries to scroll through social media on the same network. Similarly, latency and ping rate should be low. These two things guarantee that your player’s moves and responses will be apt and fast.


Of course, whose day goes by without tuning into Netflix or HBO Max and streaming our favorite shows? With on-demand streaming platforms so increasingly common today, having a consistent supply of internet is a must for all households. Every member of the house, including the younger kids as well, can keep themselves entertained with these streaming platforms. However, the speed requirements for each platform vary significantly, making it difficult to select any one speed tier. Whether you are streaming on Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, or any other app, here is a rough estimate of the speeds required. You can choose an internet connection accordingly.

PlatformSpeed requirements
Netflix3 to 5 Mbps for SD and HD, 20 Mbps for 4K
Prime Video15 Mbps
HBO Max8 to 10 Mbps
YouTube3 to 7 Mbps
Live TV streaming apps like DIRECTV Stream3 to 8 Mbps

Social networking

Checking emails

Checking emails and responding back to them is perhaps the most basic and lowest demanding online activity that you may indulge in. For using your emails, you must have ample download speed, so your emails can open up quickly. Meanwhile, upload speed is just as important for you to send out emails quickly.

You can settle for any internet connection that offers speeds between 1 and 5 Mbps. Keep in mind that multiple users on the internet connection can slow things down, so always opt for an internet plan that goes a little over 5 Mbps.

Video calls

Thanks to advanced technology, we no longer have to miss our favorite person’s face. Just launch the Zoom app or the FaceTime app on your phone and start the video call. Not only for personal relationships are video calls becoming a huge thing, but even professionally. They have successfully replaced in-person interactions ever since the pandemic. And, people have finally realized how efficient video calls are.

There are many things that go into ensuring smooth video conferences. A good quality camera, for one. Other things like a good pair of headphones that lets you hear the other person clearly, or a reliable microphone that will not hinder the communication also is just as important. But the most important of it all is having the right internet connection. If you are working from home, have a home-based online business, or just do video calls for personal relationships, you need ample internet speed.

Don’t compromise on the quality of the call, and go for an internet speed of at least 3 Mbps for basic 2-participant video calls. If the calls involve screen sharing and multiple other participants, you might require something much higher. The resolution of the video call will also hugely depend on the internet speed, so don’t make a compromise here.

 Number of Users

You must have noticed a pattern. No matter what online activity you indulge in, be it streaming or gaming, one thing that constantly affects the speed requirement is the number of users. This means that the more devices are connected to the internet, the higher speed you need. Less speed and less bandwidth mean that the network will become congested very easily. This could also mean that your provider may throttle the speed to manage your data consumption. Resultantly, the whole internet speed and the load time and buffering will also increase. So when you are trying to pick an internet speed for your household, make sure to keep this factor in mind.

Your Budget

The higher the speed tier you choose, the pricier it will get. This is why picking the right internet speed is important, so you don’t end up paying too much for a speed that is of no use to you. Set a budget that you are ready to spend on the internet every month. Then, head out and look for the internet deals that fall within this range. Speaking to a customer service expert will help you find an appropriate deal much faster.

Who Has the Best Internet Deals for Residential Use?

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