Which are some of the best bathroom cubicles?

Bathroom cubicles in Delhi are currently the most trending thing of the construction industry in Delhi. They are quite popular when it comes to redoing your bathroom. Depending upon the kind of bathroom cubicle you are choosing, you may be able to add or reduce aesthetic and comfort from your bathroom. Therefore, choosing the right kind of bathroom cubicles is very important. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best kinds of bathroom cubicles in Delhi NCR.

Choosing the right kind of bathroom cubicle can be a nightmare, especially when you have an exhaustive list of options to choose from.The choice becomes even more difficult if you have the problem of limited space. In this case, only special kinds of bathroom cubicles can come to your rescue. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most suitable kinds of bathroom cubicles.

Corner Bathroom Cubicles:-

This one is one of the most common, but popular styles of bathroom cubicles. In this the bathroom cubicle is installed against two walls. Corner bathroom cubicles come with a rectangular bottom tray and two glass sides. This particular pattern of bathroom cubicles are quite easy to install and can be very commonly seen in many houses.

Alcove bathroom Cubicles:-

In this kind of bathroom cubicle, a pre-installed alcove is present in the bathroom. And the bathroom cubicle is built around it. This type of bathroom cubicle is absolutely perfect for bathrooms with small surface area.

Walk in through bathroom Cubicles:-

This one is the most fashionable kind of bathroom cubicle. The overall look of this bathroom cubicle is very attractive and is very easy to maintain. But, for this kind of bathroom cubicle fitting you need to ensure that your bathroom is sufficiently waterproof for this kind of bathroom cubicle.

Quadrant Bathroom Cubicles:-

These types of bathroom cubicles are very much in trend these days. They use a corner of the room. In the quadrant bathroom cubicle the enclosure of the bathroom cubicle comes in a well defined rounded shape. A different version of the same category is the offset quadrant. In the offset quadrant bathroom cubicle, one side is longer than the other one.

Pentagra Bathroom Cubicles:-

Aa the name says, this particular kind of bathroom cubicles has got five sides. Out of these five sides three sides are glass and fit very well into the corner of the bathroom, almost like the quadrant bathroom cubicle. Pentagram bathroom cubicles can also be installed with a door included.

Sliding Bathroom Cubicles:-

Sliding door bathroom cubicles are the most sensible choice for a bathroom with limited amount of space. The sliding bathroom cubicles are a great space saver, as they do not overlap any existing space in the bathroom. They simply open and close with the help of a sliding door.

No Door Bathroom Cubicles:-

This one is only a good option provided you have a tucked away shower, or have a glass panel, or the bathroom is absolutely waterproof. A no door bathroom cubicle also provides a very airy and spacious look to the bathroom.

Bi- Fold Bathroom Cubicles:-

The doors of bi fold bathroom cubicles end up collapsing on each other in a certain style. In most cases, they come in handy in miniature bathrooms.

Bathroom Cubicle Storage:-

These are one of the best options to keep your bathroom organized, especially when you are low on space. In this case, you can create various storage options within the bathroom cubicle in order to store your bathroom essentials.


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Introducing the right kind of bathroom cubicles can do wonders for your bathroom and investing in a bathroom cubicle is absolutely worth it. You can find the gear kind of bathroom cubicles in Delhi at Satkartar Glass Solutions.