Women Led Restaurants Dirty Candy, Pizzeria Sirenetta & More

Women Led Restaurants

If you are looking for a new place to dine, why not visit one of the many women led restaurants? The Open Table website provides a list of restaurants across the USA and Canada that are led by women managers, chefs, and owners. These women are making a mark in the restaurant industry. Read on to learn about some of the best women led restaurants! We also highlight some of our favorites. The following restaurants are led by women: Dirt Candy, Pizzeria Sirenetta, Sugar Shukr, Bessou, and more.

Dirt Candy is a veggie-focused restaurant

In 2008, Amanda Cohen opened a small vegetable-focused restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called Dirt Candy. This New York City eatery has won awards and critical praise for its inventive dishes, many of which focus on a single vegetable. The restaurant has been featured in Michelin five times. Amanda is a James Beard-nominated chef, and the restaurant is led by a woman who also happens to be a vegetarian.

Sharon Cohen, the owner and executive chef at Dirt Candy in New York City, made a bold move when she opened the restaurant. She removed meat from the menu after realizing that a lot of people were turning away from vegetarian food. In addition to her desire to be creative, Cohen’s experience in the restaurant industry led her to focus on vegetarian fare. In fact, many of the restaurant’s menu items are plant-based, and the concept of a vegetarian-focused restaurant has become one of the hottest trends in the city.

The owner and chef Amanda Cohen has been recognized by many awards and is the only vegetarian restaurant to have received two Michelin stars in the last seventeen years. The restaurant was also the first vegetarian restaurant to win two Michelin stars and was featured in the Michelin Guide five times. Amanda is a strong advocate for equality in the kitchen, and is a board member of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.

In addition to serving the highest quality ingredients, the vegetarian menu is a true work of art. The chef uses everyday vegetables to their limits, creating dishes with the most flavors, textures, and nuances possible. This is what makes Dirt Candy so appealing – it pushes boundaries and has hits. In addition, the restaurant’s open kitchen makes it a great venue for a group dinner or a date night.

Bessou is a women-led restaurant

The name of the restaurant, “Bessou,” refers to a second home in Japan, or a place where one can spend a few days or weeks when one isn’t at work. It’s also the name of the restaurant’s co-owner, Japanese-American restaurateur Maiko Kyogoku. Kyogoku has worked with contemporary artists like Takashi Murakami and Mariko Sugiura, and she’s excited to bring her unique perspective to the city.

Bessou, a contemporary Japanese restaurant on NoHo’s Bleecker Street, serves responsibly sourced ingredients. The menu changes seasonally, and dishes range from braised pork belly to miso wrapped in shiso leaves, and even a Japanese curry shakshuka. The restaurant’s decor is stylish, with soft blue tones and a sole brick wall. It’s not a restaurant you want to miss.

It’s important to recognize that Bessou is not the only women-led restaurant in San Francisco. Besides serving good, seasonal food, Bessou also supports other women in the industry by showcasing small winemakers and distillers. As a female-owned restaurant, it’s an example that the world should follow. This restaurant is a model for other women who are eager to work in the industry.

Grubhub has a new map that highlights the city’s women led restaurants. The initiative is a good place to start your search for a great meal. In NYC, a woman-led restaurant should be located near you, as there’s a chance that you’ll be able to enjoy a more diverse menu than ever. You can explore the list of women led restaurants on Grubhub to find the perfect place for you.

Pizzeria Sirenetta

If you’re in the market for a good pizza on the Upper West Side, look no further than Pizzeria Sirenetta. Owned by the same team as the Mermaid Inn, this quaint Italian spot serves up thin-crusted Neapolitan pizza in a cozy setting. The menu also includes pasta, mains, kale salad, and small plates. While the Upper West Side is not known for its dining options, this women led restaurant is worth a visit.

Located on the Upper West Side, Pizzeria Sirenetta is a smart, women-owned and operated restaurant. The menu includes a variety of delicious pizzas, including buffalo mozzarella and burrata. Pasta options include cacio e pepe, and provolone. The restaurant is open all year round. The atmosphere is welcoming and the menu is full of interesting, seasonal items.

Sugar Shukr

A rising trend is women led restaurants. Traditionally dominated by men, these restaurants are challenging the traditional restaurant image and serving food differently. Not only are they breaking the mold of traditional restaurants, but many of these restaurants are giving back to their communities. The name Sugar Shukr is derived from the Arabic word “shukr,” meaning “thank you.”


The Mokbar women led restaurants are a success story. Owner Alicia Choi set a five-year goal of opening her own restaurant by age 30. After working as an opening sous chef for La Esquina in Brooklyn, she hatched the concept of a Korean ramen restaurant for a retail space at Chelsea Market. Drawing on her experiences in the food industry and her own family history, Choi beat out many well-established New York chefs to open Mokbar.

Choi has a passion for food, which shows in her cooking. The Mokbar women led restaurants serve Korean-style ramen and upscale comfort food. Her menu features tteokbokki, a spicy beef dish served with rice cakes. Choi reinterprets this traditional dish using American flavors, such as soy sauce and kimchi. She believes that a food is the ultimate expression of a culture.