Xbox IP Finder in 2022: How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Xbox Live

xbox ip finder

Every online gamer wants to have a secured system. Some of the games use the VPN to hide their IP address. Some of the games are using the spoof Ip address to mask their IP address. But it is possible to find the game’s Ip address through Xbox Live. Of course, you can find the player’s Ip address through the Xbox console

Ip address sharing features are entirely dependent upon the gaming platform’s features. But masking all the time is not possible. If you want to find the other players’ activity, you can easily find it through your Xbox Live. The entire process is pretty simple.

4 Easy Tips To Find Someone’s IP Address on Xbox Live

For online gamers, gaming excitements are the most precious ones. But like social media, online bullying and taunting are pretty common among gamers. These types of incidents are not uncommon. It often can happen, especially for online games. You want to win, but your opponents are starting to argue with you.

How do deal with these situations? It is going to be an easy process when you know the locations of the player. How to find it?

Let’s have a look at how you can find the address of the other players through the Xbox IP Finder.

1. With Using The Xbox Resolver

When you already know the gamer tag, you can use the resolver and find the Ip address with this tag. Different kinds of Xbox Resolver are available in the market. Most of these resolvers come free of cost.

When you are already using the Xbox platform, you can easily find the gamer tag. And then you have to go to the resolver home page. Then insert the gamer tag there and find the Ip address of the relevant gamer tag.

When you know the gamer tag within seconds, you can find the player’s Ip address. The biggest flexibility is when you are using the Xbox. All the gamer’s tages are open for everyone. You do not have to do any hard work to find the tag.

2. Use Grabify

Other than the resolver, you also can use the IP grabber or logger. For Ip grabbing the Grabify is pretty efficient. Only you have to find the content which you want to track. Then copy the content’s URL.

Then visit the Grabify homepage, and you will find the specific location to insert the URL.

Copy and paste the URL into the specific area. Create the short URL. You will find the tracking IP address of the URL. 

When the Xbox user is clicking on this shortened link, you will find a small code.  And After inserting the code into the Grabify homepage, you will get all your desired information after clicking the track the code options.

3. Use The Xbox Ip Puller

The Xbox Ip pullers are another easy way to find IP addresses.  While you are using the Lanc Remastered programs,  you can easily track down the Ip address of the other gamers by only tracking the chat messages.

First, download the files of Lanc Remastered programs. Then change the IPV6 option from your menu adapter options. Then uncheck it then run the program on all the properties of ARP filters.

Now the next process is much easier. Just type the Xbox port digits. Then go to your Xbox homepage and invite the live gamers to a forum. After the gamers join the forum, click enter and find the IP address of your target gamer.

4. Track Through The Command Prompt And Find The IP Address

You can easily find an IP address through the Xbox command prompt. Yes, only you have to write small lines of command lines and find the Ip address of the players. First, install and launch the Xbox. 

When you want to find the Ip address of the specific game player,  you have to find the Gamertag of the player and then add them to your chat lists. When you start to chat with them from your Xbox or the party’s options, you can find the Ip address with some easy clicks.

First, open your system’s command prompt. And then run the netstat-an command and execute it. When you are in the sharing connection mode, you can find the person’s Ip address and find the locations of the connections.


All of these steps are easily accessible to the players. When you want to find the other player’s Ip addresses from your Xbox platform, you can follow these four easy steps. But finding the Ip address with the gamer tag is the easiest one of all. So which one are you going to follow? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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